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Out of the Box: New Sports to Try

Written by Nash Woods

Competing is fun. Even if you are just using CrossFit as a way to stay healthy and active, competition is still great to get out and test yourself once and awhile. The beautiful thing about CrossFit is the exposure that it brings to different modalities of exercise and sport. No matter who you are and how you’re built you are probably going to be exposed to a niche that clicks for you. Some people, such as myself, benefit greatly from CrossFit training, but may not be necessarily built to be competitive in the “sport of fitness.” Luckily, there are many options for you to go out and test your fitness outside of the gym. Here are some new things you can try to set goals for:



Squat, bench, and deadlift as heavy as you can. That’s it. You get 9 total attempts (3 per lift) and the competitors are separated by weight class. If you are that person that is the last one still squatting in the strength portion of class because you’d rather do that than start that awful looking AMRAP in part two, then this is for you. There are many different federations and most powerlifting meets have a novice division for people that are just getting their feet wet. 

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Olympic weightlifting

Very similar in execution to a powerlifting meet in which the athlete has 3 attempts at a snatch then 3 attempts at clean and jerk to lift as heavy as possible. Competitors are divided by weight class.

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Obstacle Course Racing

The new popular event of obstacle course racing is running a half marathon, in the mud, over and under various obstacles. Multiple different organizations host obstacle runs and they vary in difficulty.

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Ninja Warrior

Not so much a competition as much as an audition, Ninja Warrior is like a short course Spartan Race. With a shorter distance and more advanced obstacles, this will favor more explosive gymnastically inclined athletes. 

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Kettlebell & Mace

If lifting really heavy things once isn’t your forte, but lifting moderately heavy things for a ton of reps is more your speed, then kettlebell and mace competitions are where its at. Generally, a competition is max reps of a single movement at a set weight in an AMRAP style event.

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Pick up something heavy, do it for max weight or max reps, then carry it as far as you can. Events rarely go past a minute in length. 

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If you’re looking to see where you stack up in regards to being jacked, tan and juicy AF, this is the one for you with multiple federations with multiple different rules and classes to compete in. there is a little something for everyone. 

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Highland Games

The Highland Games are similar to Strongman, but involves more throwing of objects. Plus you get to wear a sweet kilt!

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Mas Wrestling

It”s like a 1-rep max deadlift, but the bar fights back a lot more.

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This list is by no means all inclusive of marathons, triathlons, and fun runs – the list goes on and on. The point is that there are hundreds of competitions out there. And you are probably pretty good at at least one of them, but you’ll never know until you get out and try. So convince a friend to sign up and go do one, you won’t regret it!


Event# 3 🔝Use link to watch  Event#3 has two parts and is the final event of the “Back To School Bash” Inhouse Comp 4 minute running clock 100/70 *70/50 calorie air bike (scored as its own event) In the remaining time as many reps as possible DB ground to overhead @45/30# *30/20# [*Scaled] #nscf #partnercomp #inhouse #community #assaultbike ...


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Event# 2 🔝Use link to watch on YouTube Event #2 of the Inhouse Competition “Back To School Bash” presented by Coach @rckrnashty 4 Rounds For Time (8 Min Time Cap) 20/*15 Toes-to-Bar 20/*15 Pull-ups 20/*15 Front Rack Reverse Alt. Lunges 155/115# *115/75# Partners alternate movements [*Scaled] #nscf #partnercomp #inhouse #event2 #northstatecrossfit #t2b #pullups #lunges


Event #1 🔝Link to Event#1 Coach @rckrnashty here to explain Event #1 for the "Back To School Bash" Partner Comp this Sat. Sept. 9th  12 minute AMRAP 50 Double Unders *50 singles 12 S/A KB hang clean and jerks 53/35# *35/26# 15 wall ball 20/14# For one partner to be working the other must hold an atlas stone ...


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