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Training, Fat Loss and the Menstrual Cycle

Written by Hannah Dykstra With the continued rise of the CrossFit-ignited fitness revolution, women are becoming more familiarized with performance-based nutrition and fitness. Paleo, Keto, RP,  Zone and even the ever-so-famous “dirty bulk’ are all lifestyles within the realm of strength gains or fat loss. Despite this increasing knowledge, however, many ...


You’re Fit, But Are You Healthy?

Written by Jon Jorgensen   I recently listened to the podcast linked below and a couple parts struck a chord with something I’ve been thinking about for a long time in the CrossFit and greater fitness community.   Before CrossFit came around and created a definition for fitness, no one had a concrete definition ...


Obliques: The Key to a Functional 6-Pack

What does it take to get a stronger midline? More GHD situps? More hollow holds? L-sits? Toes to bar? Well if you're like me and have tried all of the above and still can’t seem to hold an L-sit for more than 10 seconds, maybe it’s time to change the ...


July 4th!

Tuesday July 4th we will have a 8am, 9am, and 10am Class ONLY! Kids Zone available at 8 and 9am. #redwhiteandblue #america #july4th #northstatecrossfit #nscf #herowod


You Are Enough

By Sarah Loogman We live in a culture perpetuated by fear - fear of the future, insecurity of self, a lack of passion for the pursuit we are living. We cover it with hard work, business and an heir of confidence we ride the edge to maintain. We find pride and confidence ...


Competition Programming By Jonathan Jorgensen Coming To Northstate CrossFit!

2017 proved to be a successful year for NSCF in regards to our finish at the California Regional. Finishing at 13th overall landed us 5 spots higher than our 2016 accomplishments, however, we feel that there is much more room for improvement and are excited for the years to come. In ...

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Confessions of a Gimp

 Written by Hannah Dykstra Northstate CrossFit trainer, Hannah Dykstra, recently incurred a serious injury to her knee while training to be a part of the California Regionals team represented in Del Mar. As unfortunate as this experience has been for her, we asked her to reflect on the experience thus far ...



Reminder that there will be no regular scheduled classes this Saturday (June 10th) for the Spring Fling! Come hang out and cheer people on! #community #crossfit


Memorial Day

🇺🇸Memorial Day "Murph"🇺🇸 Limited Schedule for Memorial Day. Classes at 9:00a* and 10:30a. *Kids Zone at 9:00a ONLY.


Mastering Double-Unders

Written by Nash Woods Double unders are a source of endless frustration for many people starting CrossFit. The constant stream of cursing and rising welts could probably be described as self mutilation. Although some are able to pick up a rope and string together consecutive reps almost on first try, I ...


Sleep, Recover, Repeat

By Sarah Loogman It seems too easy that better, restful sleep can lead to better physical and mental performance, improved physical health and mental well being, and prevent or cure chronic disease of pain. But it’s said that if a thing is simple, it’s more likely to be true. Despite our ...


Regional Shirts!

2017 Regional Shirts are in. First come first serve. Limited supply! Thank you Sponsors @reddingsportstherapy @verticalchiro @communityacupuncture @freestylelandscaping @crossfisher #roadtoregionals2017 #teamnscf #nscf #northstatemade #crossfit #tshirt #croptop


Beat the Heat: Fit Tips for the Summer

By Hannah Dykstra After a very wet and cool winter, we are now beginning to welcome the joys of the sun that has been in hiding. If you have spent a summer in Redding, chances are that you’re preparing for it like it’s the zombie apocalypse. Kiddie pools, otter pops and ...


Finding Your Why When Fitness Isn’t Fun

Written by Nash Woods Sometimes being healthy isn't fun. Be honest, eating a pint of whatever protein powder based ice cream replacement that is popular that month will never replace the satisfaction that you get from Ben and Jerry. It's hard to see the payoff when some sadist has their elbow ...