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The 2016 Open: What to Expect at NSCF 

The Open is upon us! We hope that you are excited as we are for this exciting community event. If you haven’t already registered, we highly suggest that you do! Whether you are brand new to our gym or you’re an experienced athlete hoping to advance to the next stage, the Open is a fun and exciting way to challenge your fitness and test your abilities and we would love to have you register with us. You can do so at 

With that being said, here is how we will be running things at NSCF this year… 

Each Thursday at 5pm, there will be a live video announcement made by CrossFit of the workout and standards, immediately followed by well-known Games athletes performing the workout for the very first time. We will be displaying this live announcement via BoxHub at 5pm for the 5 weeks of this event. Resultantly, the class schedule on Thursday evenings will change to on-the-hour slots at 3pm, 4pm, and 6pm. 

Although you have until each following Monday to submit your scores online by 5pm, we as a gym will be programming each Open workout as the class WOD for Friday. Friday’s class schedule will be as usual. 

There will be an additional opportunity to perform your Open workout between the hours of 10am and noon every Saturday following the announcement. Saturday classes will be limited to 8am and 9am ONLY for the 5 weeks of the Open in order to provide this opportunity. We welcome you to invite family, friends, and coworkers to the Saturday event to watch you throw down! We will be setting up heats and hope that this will provide a fun and competitive event for our gym. Although we will have some judges available, we would love to have some of you volunteer to help out in this respect. 

Any athlete planning to submit their scores online must have a judge count and validate their reps. You will be responsible to arrange someone to judge you if planning to . Ideally, find someone who attends your regular class and is also registered for the Open, that way you can take turns and judge each other. 

Your judge does not need to be an officially certified judge, unless you expect that you may potentially qualify for Regionals as an individual athlete. Your coach will review the movement standards prior to the beginning of each class. Judges are responsible to enforce proper movement standards and report scores accurately. 

Score sheets will be provided by Northstate CrossFit. Be sure that the gym’s copy of your results are returned to the class trainer and/or designated place of return. You are then responsible to submit your scores online by Monday at 5pm, after which we will validate your scores. If you forget to enter your scores, we cannot help you!!


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! 

8am ladies got it done in their tutu's last week!    


2016 Smart Goals!!!

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.#SMARTgoals #havethem #crushthem


50% OFF On-Ramp

   Our last On-Ramp of the year will be 50% OFF!!! Starts December 28th at 9am or 6pm!!! Great Christmas Present! 🎁 #nscf #northstatecrossfit #fitness #gift #giftofhealth #onramp #sale


Gift Certificates Available!

Give the gift of fitness and community this Christmas...we have gift certificates available! See the front desk for details.


Monday EMOM

We saw a few of the 9am-ers achieve all 15 rounds of today's WOD...will you??    


Thanksgiving Schedule

   Thanksgiving Schedule: Monday and Tuesday are normal schedule. Wednesday-Friday shown above. Saturday is normal schedule. Friday's Kids Zone is a 5p Only. Normal Schedule for CrossFit Kids on Wednesday. #nscf #northstatecrossfit #crossfit #happythanksgiving #crossfitkids #turkeytrot #shastaregional #run #6miles


Veterans Day Schedule

This Wednesday we will honor all who have served by doing the Hero WOD "Badger". Limited schedule: Classes at 9a, 12p, 3:30p, and 4:30p ONLY! Wear your Red, White, and Blue 🇺🇸 Don't forget CrossFit Kids starts also! Pre-K: 10am and 5-12 age group: 3:00pm


NSCF Kids!!! Starts Nov. 11th

Northstate CrossFit is excited to announce we are starting CrossFit Kids again Wednesday November 11th with Coach Abby. Pre-k 3-5 years old from 10-10:30a. Kids 5-12 years old 3:00-3:30p. First class is ‪#‎FREE‬!!!


Congrats to Heather and Carson!

Heather R. is the Rich Froning of Halloween Costume Contests. Third year in a row as champ!


Mobility Hack? 

Shoulder mobility hack??? We think so but we want you to give this a try and let us know! We’ve noticed many of our ex-runner clients to have noticeably more forward shoulders and a resulting poor overhead position. In three separate clients this morning, we test and retested both the press and push jerk overhead positions both before and after calf mobility exercises. Yup, you read that right…calf mobility! First test your overhead positions, then spend 10-15 minutes with a lacrosse ball or peanut on your calves, then retest…we would love to hear about your results and what you think. The body is connected in amazing ways! Check out these before and after photos of Royce…do you see it?   


Labor Day

Thanks to everyone who came in for our holiday WOD and honored Daniel with us!    


Labor Day Schedule

Be ready for a Hero WOD! 9am, 10:30am, and 12:00pm ONLY! Supervised Kids Zone 9am ONLY


CrossFit Celebration and Cornhole Tournament

Everyone is invited to a CrossFit celebration at Bernie and Jim's (alias Carter) at 3647 Pioneer Lane, Redding, on Saturday September 19th @ 5:00. This will be a catered event with dinner being served at 6:00. Dinner will include tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, green salad, potato salad and rolls. Please ...