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NSCF Adventure Day!

  You're invited to summit Lassen Peak with us on Saturday, October 3! Please let us know you plan on coming by signing up at the gym, this way we can also arrange rides for everybody. All levels welcome!


5:30am Tuesday

This is what commitment looks like! 


If you're not making it to mobility WOD Thursday's, you're missing out! 


Stacy's PR celebration is how we all really feel when we accomplish new things....go Stacy!   


Friday 9am class! 


Wallball Wednesday!


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New 6:30am Class, Starts 7/13

   Starting next week we will be adding a 6:30am Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to the schedule. Beat the heat without having to get up before the sun!


Limited Schedule July 4th

Limited schedule this Saturday July 4th. 8am Class and 9am FREE Class! #redwhiteblue #northstatecrossfit  


Memorial Day Schedule

  Monday May 25th: 10:00am and 12:00pm Classes ONLY for Memorial Day! HERO WOD! NO Supervised Kids Zone


Help NSCF get to the Cal Regional!!!

Northstate CrossFit is excited to announce the advancement of it’s team to the California Regionals on May 22-24 in Del Mar after having finished in the top 15 teams of the Northern California region of the CrossFit Games, as well as NSCF individual competitor Jonathan Jorgensen who placed 10th in ...

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Congrats to Bri and Mike!

  Jacked and Taniel's took 1st in scaled division of the Spring Fling 2015! Awesome Job you two!


NO CLASSES this Saturday

  If you are a member please park in the Church parking lot on Grandview Ave


Live It! Challenge #6

It’s the final week of the Wellness Challenge! It’s been amazing to hear the journey that many of you have had in this 40-day lifestyle change and I’ve been very excited to share in your pride at your hard work…well done! Which brings me to our final Live It! Challenge because we want to hear more!


In these last five days, you can earn up to one point daily for taking time to write a reflection of any sort on your experience of this Challenge. It doesn’t have to be long, maybe a paragraph or so, but I’d like to give you the opportunity to share your successes, triumphs, and lessons. Whether you write a general reflection of the entire challenge, show us before/after photos, share your favorite Challenge-approved recipes, tell us about your “good deed” in Week 2 or share what new experiences you had in Week 4, we want to hear about it!


These reflections can be submitted either by email to or posted to any online media – but be sure to tag Northstate Crossfit in it! You can earn one point per day that you write a reflection of any sort, so if you want to spend each of the next 5 days highlighting a different aspect…there’s 5 points to finish this Challenge out! We look forward to hearing from you!


Live It! Challenge #5

We’re up and over the hump…12 days left of the Wellness Challenge! I’ve been very encouraged to hear different people’s testimonies about the progress they’ve seen and the changes they’ve made so far. But anyway, getting right to it…


Eating healthy can be bland and challenging and I know that for some of you, this challenge has lost some of it’s original excitement and maybe have even become “boring.” This week’s Live It! Challenge aims to get you to add variety to your healthy lifestyle and eating habits by trying a new meal, food item, or recipe. Whether you take up a new food-prep tip from Pinterest (really…this is a genius resource for exciting recipes) or go out on a limb and try a Kumquat (delicious, by the way) or beef liver (yuck, but actually insanely good for you) for the first time, this week is about spicing it up! Of course, these should be foods that are permitted according to your ‘level of play’ in the Challenge.


If you find something particularly awesome, please share with us so we can pass it along!