I hope you had a good nights rest last night, because today is the last day to have earned a “Live It!” point for your 8 hours of sleep. Even if you weren’t able to earn a point for last weeks challenge, it was awesome to hear a few of you making a conscious effort to get more rest and at least sleep a little more than your average…I even heard one mom say that she slept the most consecutive hours she had in over 5 years! (Sorry moms, I know that was a tough one.) I hope that last week’s challenge helps form better sleeping habits for all of you in the future.


Wellness goes beyond what we typically think of when we think of “health,” such as fitness and nutrition. The Wellness Challenge is meant to have you target your well-being as a whole by actively making choices to live a healthy and fulfilling life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, intellectually, etc. So for this week’s “Live It!” challenge, we will be taking another approach…


You can earn up to one point each day of this week (starting tomorrow, Sunday Feb. 8) by performing an act of kindness. This will be left open to your own interpretation, but I encourage that you go out and make a conscious effort to make this world a warmer, more uplifting place. If you truly feel that you have done so, you have earned another “Live It!” point. The catch is that if your act is being done for another person, it should be for someone not also participating in this Wellness Challenge. That means you can’t “exchange” good deeds with your Wellness teammates or other participants! Don’t choose the easy way in this challenge…you can’t cheat kindness!


Many scientific studies have linked kindness to good health and have proven that good deeds and altruistic actions can reduce our own levels of stress, in turn affecting things such as our immune and cardiovascular systems.  So…go out and be nice because good deeds are good for you, too!