Nice job last week, guys! Hearing your stories of your small acts of kindness and good deeds was heart warming and inspiring…thank you for making the world a more pleasant place! It was especially exciting to see how much each of you felt joy from the kindness you acted out…feels good, right?


Where we focused last week on helping others, this week’s Live It! Challenge takes a flip to now focus on you. In the midst of the chaos of getting the kids ready for school, grabbing breakfast, going to work, making a trip to the post office and picking up groceries, our lives are often missing solitude – time and space in which we are free from any outside pressures. Although our culture tends to equate solitude to loneliness, spending time alone can actually be very healthy.


This week, earn up to one point daily by giving yourself some deliberate “me-time.” This may be curling up with a book, practicing some meditation, yoga, or prayer, or even just closing the door for a bit amid your hectic day. If you feel refreshed, revived, and that you have truly taken some time for yourself on any day…award yourself a Live It! point.


Helping and serving others is important, but taking care of yourself is important, too! Be good to yourself this week and find a moment to be alone.