I hope you all enjoyed your “me-time” last week and had a chance to chill out and spend time for reflection. Apologies for the slightly late post this weekend, but here is this weeks’ Live It! Challenge…


This week, I encourage you to try and/or learn something new. As youth and even into young adulthood, we experience this on a nearly daily basis, but as we get older things become increasingly more routine and we lose the novelty of this simple act or experience. Learning and doing new things causes us to thrive and has been shown to improve the health status of an individual in markers such as bodyweight, heart health, and diabetes, among others.


This week you can earn up to one point daily for spending a significant and dedicated amount of time to experiencing something that is entirely new to you…this could literally be anything! There is too much to be known and felt and experienced in this beautiful and interesting world to stop seeking it out. Have fun!