We’re up and over the hump…12 days left of the Wellness Challenge! I’ve been very encouraged to hear different people’s testimonies about the progress they’ve seen and the changes they’ve made so far. But anyway, getting right to it…


Eating healthy can be bland and challenging and I know that for some of you, this challenge has lost some of it’s original excitement and maybe have even become “boring.” This week’s Live It! Challenge aims to get you to add variety to your healthy lifestyle and eating habits by trying a new meal, food item, or recipe. Whether you take up a new food-prep tip from Pinterest (really…this is a genius resource for exciting recipes) or go out on a limb and try a Kumquat (delicious, by the way) or beef liver (yuck, but actually insanely good for you) for the first time, this week is about spicing it up! Of course, these should be foods that are permitted according to your ‘level of play’ in the Challenge.


If you find something particularly awesome, please share with us so we can pass it along!