What is MommyFit?

MommyFit is a class designed for women preparing for, going through, or recovering from pregnancy. The class specifically modifies CrossFit movements in order to accommodate and gradually develop areas of the body that have been, are currently, or will be stressed due to pregnancy. Pregnant women will experience carefully guided workouts that focus on wellness and safety during pregnancy. Post partum mothers will learn to regain CrossFit skills, strength, and movements until they feel ready to resume regular CrossFit classes again. In addition, we want moms to feel comfortable bringing their babies to class with them, while crawling and walking toddlers can enjoy exploring in the childcare room at Northstate CrossFit.


Is CrossFit Safe during my pregnancy?

Yes! As long as you are not considered a ‘high risk pregnancy’ and you have been exercising and doing CrossFit or weight training prior to becoming pregnant. The CrossFit Journal compares pregnancy, labor, and postpartum to significant athletic events in life that require extensive training and coaching in order to prevent injury and harm (2011, CrossFit Inc.).

In fact, women who exercise during pregnancy provided many benefits their babies including the ability to adapt better outside of the uterus, being healthier at birth, sleeping through the night sooner, lower heart ­rate and so much more! Additionally, women who exercise during pregnancy have more stamina during labor, reduced weight gain, they tend to recover more quickly from labor and delivery, have fewer pregnancy discomforts and decrease their susceptibility to illness during pregnancy (www.crossfitcaveman.com).


We encourage women to continue their regular exercise routine during pregnancy until it becomes uncomfortable in any way. The most important thing an exercising mommy can do during this time is listen to her body!

For more information on how to get started, contact us at Mikilah@northstatecrossfit.com