At Northstate CrossFit, our goal is to get you results in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible. In order to do that, we require every individual to go through our 2 Week On-Ramp. During the course of the 2 Week On-Ramp, you will learn the movements that are fundamental to CrossFit. We will make sure that proficiency of the movements is developed before adding intensity.

The On-Ramp can be done by either of the following options:

1. Attend The 2 Week Group On-Ramp Class – The cost is $100 and the schedule for the next On-Ramp is as follows:
Session 1: Monday June 18th
Session 2: Wednesday June 20th
Session 3: Friday June 22nd
Session 4: Monday June 25th
Session 5: Wednesday June 27th
***We offer both a 9AM and a 6:30PM for all sessions. You may come to either time slot for each of the sessions as long as they are attended in order.***
2. Attend 5 1-on-1 On-Ramp Sessions – If you cannot attend all of the scheduled On-Ramp class times listed above or you would like to be trained in a more private setting you may choose this option.  The cost is $180 for all 5 sessions, and they can be scheduled around your availability.
3. On-Ramp Plus Nutrition  – The On-Ramp Plus Nutrition option includes everything provided by our On-Ramp packages with the added bonus of our Nutrition Counseling package at a discounted price. This option is the complete package to successful integration into our program by encompassing all of the aspects of health and wellness. In addition to the 5 sessions of the On-Ramp where you will learn the fundamental movements of our program, this option includes meal planning, body composition analysis, and consultation. As partners with Renaissance Periodization, this Plus package includes diet templates customized to your goals and three one-on-one sessions with one of our trained consultation staff. These sessions will be used to analyze body composition, assess goals, and maintain accountability along your path to success. This Nutrition add-on is an additional $100 to your Group or 1-on-1 On-Ramp. Call (530-605-4717) or email( for more information.