About Guido

I began CrossFit in 2010 and was instantly captured by the unparalleled community and the functionality of CrossFit. Initially, I was humbled by the fact that my body did not function like some of the other athletes. I definitely felt behind the curve, but through humility and determination I made the choice to stick with it and see what I could gain from doing CrossFit. Throughout the years, I gained the knowledge and experience to take my fitness level beyond what I thought I was capable of with a healthy understanding of diet and exercise. I also gained many close relationships along the way.

I find enjoyment in helping individuals find identity as an athlete and as a person. With a vast background in public safety, I also enjoy helping individuals train for endeavors in law enforcement, firefighting, and the military. Whether it’s on the ground or in the water, I enjoy helping individuals obtain the goals and achievements that they set out to accomplish. Seeing an athlete pursuing virtuosity, “performing the common uncommonly well,” is something I admire.

One of my primary goals as a trainer is reinforcing proper movement patterns for our athletes so that they can be “good at moving good” as opposed to compromising their body positions to obtain a faster time on the whiteboard or getting a new personal record (PR).

I believe that anyone can do CrossFit due to the inherent ability to scale and modify any workout to an individual’s current fitness level or physical capabilities.

Achievements & Qualifications

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • B.A. Organizational Leadership 2017
  • Participation in 4 CrossFit Competitions (2 Team, 2 Individual)