About Hannah

From my strong background in competitive gymnastics to collegiate volleyball, sports and fitness have been a huge part of my life.Through the years of training and competing, my passion for movement and fitness influenced my decision to pursue a degree in exercise science. After a few courses, i fell in love with the physiology and capabilities of the human body. It was at that point when i knew i wanted to be a part of the fitness industry that a good friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit. Because of my athletic and gymnastics background, i immediately became addicted. The Monday after my last collegiate volleyball game in 2015, i walked into my local gym in Texas determined to take on CrossFit as the next chapter in my athletic career. I began coaching as an adjunct for a few months and received my level 1 certification in July 2016. I can’t begin to describe my passion for coaching and heping people achieve their goals both physically and mentally. Through both sport and community, CrossFit has made a massive positive impact on my life and i only hope to spread that impact to anyone who steps foot into the gym.


Achievements & Qualifications

  • B.S Human Performance – Exercise Science- Texas A&M- Commerce
  • AA Exercise Science- Cabrillo College
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification


  • NIA All League Setter 2010/2012
  • All Star Volleyball Team North


  • Offensive MVP- 2012
  • All- League- Center Field 012
  • All-League- 2011
  • Section Championship 2011/2012


  • CCCAA State Championship 2013
  • Texas A&M- Commerce Volleyball 2014-2016