What is the Wellness Challenge?

Northstate Crossfit’s Wellness Challenge suits the competitive nature of our athletes in a fitness “game” to help dramatically improve your performance in the gym, in life, and to change your relationship with food in a healthy and realistic manner. This is not a diet! Whereas a diet tends to make us feel restricted and cheats have to justify our guilt, the Wellness Challenge accepts that we have free will in our lives and that this applies to a guilt-free balance in our healthful choices. Although the guidelines of this Challenge do draw significantly from the popular Paleo diet, the objective isn’t to “go Paleo” but to make a commitment to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.



How does it work?

You will start each day with 5 points. The choices you make throughout your day will determine whether you gain and/or lose points, depending on whether you choose the ‘Performance’ or ‘Lifestyle’ level of play. These points will be accumulate over the course of this 40-day challenge on our Wellness Scoreboard where you can “compete” with friends, family, and fellow gym-goers. You will also have the opportunity to form and join Wellness Teams where as a group, your points cumulate to compete against other teams. The competitive aspect and team component of this Challenge are intended as motivators and accountability partners in your commitment to a healthier lifestyle.



Performance or Lifestyle? Team or Individual? 

Two ‘levels’ will be offered in the Wellness Challenge. The ‘Performance’ level of play does demand higher dietary restrictions (avoiding all grains, soy, most dairy, sugar/sweeteners, artificial ingredients and alcohol) whereas the ‘Lifestyle’ level of play allows a little bit more flexibility without losing points. If you are looking for an extreme change or you already have good habits and want to fine tune your goals, the ‘Performance’ level holds you to a higher level of accountability and may be the best level of play for you in this 40-day Challenge. The ‘Lifestyle’ level of play is a great way to start a long-term, sustainable practice without having to follow everything quite to the “T”. Ultimately, the goal of either levels of play are to get you to clean up your diet and make conscious lifestyle decisions revolving around your health and fitness.

You can opt to enter this challenge as an Individual or with a Team (a Team will be made up of 3 people). We encourage that you build and form a team that will help you stay accountable to your lifestyle choices! If you’re competing/participating as a Team, make sure you fill out and submit a Team Registration Form before February 1.



Does it cost?

We are asking a $10 registration fee of all participants to offset management and supply costs of running this Challenge. Any profit made by this Challenge will go directly back to serving the NSCF family.



Getting Started:

The Challenge kicks off with a fitness test. The tester WOD should be completed before the start of the Challenge which begins on February 1, 2015. We will also help you log your measurements – body weight, body fat, etc. These baselines will be kept in a folder for you and will track your progress throughout the Challenge. If you are competing with a team, you will need to let us know before the start of the Challenge (don’t forget to come up with a creative team name!)



Earning points (The 6 Habits of Wellness) : 

You can earn up to 12 points a day based on the following guidelines:


  • Nutrition (0-5 points) – You actually start each day with 5 points. You can keep all five points by following your levels nutrition guidelines, or you can choose to sacrifice a point for eating any of the “prohibited” foods. (See Food Allowance Chart on how to keep/lose your Nutrition points)
  • Exercise (+2 points) – You can earn 2 points each day for spending 20 minutes or more on exercise. This could include the class WOD or could be something you do on your own. Remember, you only earn a single point a day for this so a double-day doesn’t mean more points! We suggest 3-5 “workouts” per week. Earn points for exercise on the other days by staying active – a bike ride or other “active recovery” day can still earn you points!
  • Mobility (+2 points) – You can earn an additional 2 points each day for spending 15 minutes or more on mobility. Make a conscious effort to learn some new mobility exercises to increase your range of motion and flexibility, especially in the areas you are challenged. The internet is a great resource and Kelly Starret’s MobilityWOD is a great place to find new tools of mobility. Or ask a NSCF trainer!
  • Supplements (+1 point) – You can earn an additional point per day for any supplement of choice. These are the only exceptions to any dietary restrictions (i.e. sugar/sweeteners) and will not lose you points. That doesn’t mean you get to have 5 protein shakes a day! Here are some of our top recommendations:
    • Fish oil (reduces inflammation/soreness, aids in muscle recovery)
    • Creatine (improves strength gains, lean body mass, and ability to create energy)
    • Branched-Chain Amino Acids (can extend/enhance workouts, combat fatigue)
    • Protein powder blend (recovery, muscle power and endurance)
    • Glutamine (major fuel for immune cells, increased hormone levels for faster recovery)
  • Water (+1 point) – You can earn one point each day for drinking enough water. This will be measured by taking one-third of your body weight in ounces. Ex: If John weights 185lbs, he should be drinking at least 62 ounces of water each day in order to earn a point.
  • Live it! (+1 point) – We will have a special weekly challenge to give you an opportunity to earn extra points. These won’t be revealed until their announcement!


How and where do I score my points?

The Wellness Challenge Scoreboard will keep a weekly tally and running total throughout the course of the Challenge. You will be responsible to record your points accurately! Team competitors must select a Team Captain who will add up and report the daily total of the teams scores.

If you don’t make it into the gym to report your score…DON’T WORRY. Just enter it in the next time you come in. But make sure you keep accurate track of your daily points and try to be as timely in reporting to the Wellness Scoreboard as possible.



Then what happens?

At the end of the Whole Life Challenge, we will ask you to retest your baseline WOD’s and help you retake your measurements. Prizes will be awarded to the winners!