Written by Hannah Dykstra

“ I can eat whatever I want, my metabolism is so fast it doesn’t affect me”” Or “I workout so I can eat whatever I want.” OR “How can you eat like that AND maintain a body like that?

Many of you readers have been on one side or the other of these quotes. If you find yourself saying the first two quotes and replying to the second you’re going to want to read this and be in for a game changer. Excess chronic tummy bloat?Trouble losing the tummy fat?These can all be due to inflammation via visceral fat.

Visceral fat: Visceral can be considered as the excess intra-abdominal adipose tissue accumulation. It is the fat that is stored further underneath “belly’’ fat and wrapped around major organs such as liver, pancreas and kidneys. Visceral fat is considered toxic because it provokes inflammatory responses.

Inflammation is one of the leading causes of diseases such as heart, diabetes, cancer, stroke, depression, obesity and much more. This inflammation and excess visceral fat is directly linked to a diet high in refined carbohydrates SUGAR!!!! Visceral fat accumulates when there is too much glucose (storage form of carbohydrates) in the bloodstream and the cells don’t have room for more so they store it as BAD FAT. Not only is it stored as visceral fat, but it also plays a viscous role on the brains chemical responses making it hard to lose weight and harder to curb that sugar addiction.


Our bodies are much smarter than we give them credit for, meaning our protective mechanisms are incredibly responsive and show up in odd ways. If we have added inflammation within our organs, that is our bodies way of protecting an injury to that organ. More often than not this “organ injury” is due to congestion, organ stress and improper function all of which are immediate reactions to a high inflammatory diet.

Imagine you’re running and you fall on your knee, it stiffens up and you lose range of motion. Look down and what do you see, your knee the size of a softball and extremely inflamed. Our response should be to rest it and find ways to control the inflammation. So now imagine the same thing but within our organs. Excess inflammation around our organs causes the surrounding muscles to tighten and a decreased range of motion INTERNALLY.

If our range of motion is restricted internally, how can we possibly be able to move through strong ranges of motion externally… Hence the inability to touch your toes… If your Liver is inflamed, the ability for it to glide over the intestines allowing the muscle to fire will be hindered and our bodies will go into protective mode by not allowing us to touch those toes!

Another example is if our intestines are inflamed, we lose our ability engage that abdominal wall and pelvic floor meaning no bracing, no big lifts, instability and possible injury.


• Ditch the packaged, processed carbohydrates

• Control the stress levels

• Slow down your eating habits and CHEW your food

• Eat a diet high in balanced essential fats ( Butter, animal fat, coconut oil, nuts & seeds)

• Sleep A LOT