If you don’t use it, you lose it! For young people this phrase doesn’t mean much. But as we age movement becomes more and more important and that phrase starts to become reality. The more sedentary we become while getting older can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle with limited mobility. This can lead to chronic pain and low energy. Staying active while aging is one of the best things we can do for longevity and overall quality of life.


One excuse I hear when it comes to fitness is that I’m too old. While I usually fire back with “It’s never too late to start” as a way to get a laugh, I truly do mean it! That is why I would like to highlight one of my clients, Kathy! Kathy is seventy-three years old with no prior fitness experience. When Kathy started working with me three months ago she was limited in her strength and range of motion. She could not squat, lunge, or do a push-up without major modifications. Today Kathy can squat with full range of motion while even adding weight. She can do the same with a lunge and her strength and cardio are improving in all other areas.


Even though exercising can be hard, Kathy is experiencing such a better quality of life through fitness. She only trains twice a week and has seen many improvements. Starting in the new year she is bumping up her training sessions to three times a week! Go Kathy!!!

-Crista Jorgensen