Written by Jonathan Jorgenson

This post is to expand on my original idea featured in the last paragraph of my most recent blog post HERE. I have received feedback from a few of you over the last couple weeks about it and I wanted to give a clearer picture about the idea of setting fitness goals vs. aesthetics goals.


A few years back we hung a couple of whiteboards in the gym for our athletes and clients to openly list the yearly goals they wanted to achieve. We thought it would be a great way to not only foster the community, but also to help our athletes improve their fitness. If you

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  • Gayle

    Great advice Jonathan, practical and inspiring. One of the things I found that I liked most about crossfit in the beginning was the lack of mirrors on the walls. Very different from traditional gyms. Focus is on form and feeling your movements instead of watching yourself in a mirror. It

  • I appreciate you this post. I prefer your blog very much
    and so i am a huge fan of it. This is my first time posting here.
    I like this so much that I even shared on Twitter.

    Thanks again for the great writing.