Written by Nash Woods 

       Fixing imbalances is crucial to developing athletic performance while avoiding injury. Imbalances of the physical body will tend to occur anytime that one system is used more frequently than its antagonistic system. Just about every sport, hobby or lifestyle, has a quality of biased movement that over the course of months and years will develop some sort of imbalance and as the level of skill, strength or profession increases, the risk of injury becomes higher. In the mainstream methodology of CrossFit, one of these asymmetries that may be commonly found is the lack of balance in the flexors and extensors of the forearms and fingers. 


       CrossFit is an excellent program for forearm flexion. The flexor muscles in your forearm are responsible for finger and wrist flexion, hence the name, and gripping a barbell or pull-up bar is a great way to train these muscles. Workouts like

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