By Jonathan Jorgensen



First off, I am pretty stoked to see this PR board fill up like it did this month. It validates this stuff we do called CrossFit. But it also validates the hard work, dedication, and effort that all of you have been putting forth this year. I hope this gives you all a picture of the direct correlation between hard work and improved fitness. There are no secrets…




And that leads to the next argument for why you should sign-up for the open. I’ve noticed a trend over the last several years in regards to not only my fitness, but the fitness of those that compete in the open. It seems that PR’s tend to come a bit more often in the weeks after finishing the 5 weeks of the open. Because we all tend to give that extra bit of effort when we compete, I think it helps us break out of fitness plateau’s we might have been on for a while. So, if you’re thinking of sitting it out because you know you won’t move on, think of it as a way to improve your fitness beyond the open.We’ve hung a poster at the gym with some statistics of the Open. As soon as you sign-up, sign your name on the door! It’s not too late, you can still sign-up, workout, and submit your score before Monday at 5PM.