Written by Nash Woods

Sometimes being healthy isn’t fun. Be honest, eating a pint of whatever protein powder based ice cream replacement that is popular that month will never replace the satisfaction that you get from Ben and Jerry. It’s hard to see the payoff when some sadist has their elbow so deep into the belly of your quad that the only things you can think about are blinding pain and despair. How can you keep the motivation to keep eating things like kale and not eat donuts? And more importantly, why?

Why should we care to squat correctly? To sleep 8 hours? To do mobility work or routine body care? Why should we go to the gym and experience physical and mental hardship? It

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  • Great article, all so true!
    Another helpful thing is to have a long term reason & a shorter term one (or goal), if the only reason for what you go through is something you won’t be able to see for years, it can be easy to slack off more often.
    For you being as strong as you can is a life long goal, but I bet knowing that you have a comp coming up in the near future keeps you going hard. That’s how it works for me anyways.

  • Kai

    Thanks for the post! This was a good reminder! I remember how down I used to get on myself when I used to compete, nothing was ever good enough… and then my fiance asked me WHY I did it all, and I actually didn’t have a reason that was really my own. The reason was “well somebody told me I should, so I did”. I took a few months off from competing and analyzed my why on why I started focusing on fitness in general and it helps SO much! I do it to feel good!