I’m not sure if I want to do CrossFit, can I drop in to try out a class?

Yes! Email us at info@northstatecrossfit.com to make an appointment for your first class.

Do I need to go through the On-ramp if I already have CrossFit experience?

If you have performed CrossFit on your own without a coach, we will require you to go through our on-ramp program in order to perfect your movement mechanics. However, if you have experience being coached in a CrossFit gym and have basic competency of the squats, overhead presses, and olympic lifts, a simple test out of those movements would enable you to sign-up directly to the group classes.

Do I Need To Train Before Starting CrossFit?

No, we can help you right where you’re at in your fitness journey. The workouts can always be modified to the degree that you will be challenged relative to your individual abilities.

I’m a CrossFitter from out of town, what is your drop-in policy?

If you regularly attend a CrossFit affiliate from another area, feel free to drop-in to any of our regularly scheduled classes. We have a small drop-in fee of $15 or you can buy a T-shirt for sale at the front desk. Please come a few minutes before the class starts for paperwork and payment.

Will CrossFit and/or lifting weights make me look bulky?

This is one we have heard for a long time. The answer is NO, the way you look is much more dependent upon your nutritional and lifestyle habits. Is it possible to use CrossFit to gain more muscle, absolutely. However, gaining lean muscle takes hard work and persistence and it doesn’t happen overnight even for those with that goal. Instead, if your goal is to improve your health and fitness, your body will change for the better.

I Have an Injury, can I still do CrossFit?

Yes, it is our job first and foremost to keep our athletes safe. We are competent to work around your existing injuries to get you results without putting you at risk. Our staff is educated and knowledgable to help you.

What is Your Cancellation Policy

We ask that all membership cancellations be submitted to us, either by email or in person by the 27th of the month. If cancellations occur after the 27th, you will be charged for the following month. Note – we do not accept cancellations by phone. Please email crista@northstatecrossfit.com with membership questions or concerns.