Open Workout 17.5
10 Rounds For Time
35 Double Unders
9 Thrusters 95/65#

I don’t envision this workout coming again in the open. Rather, I just want you guys to do it again to continue to increase confidence. For those of you that have been training diligently, you will improve your score.


Second Session, Ideally 3-4 Hours After Part A.
40 Minutes Run
3-4 Minutes Building from Moderate To Hard
1 Minute Harder Effort
2-3 Minutes Easy For Recovery

Comments ( 2 )

  • T

    A. 12:31Rx
    Rested about 10 minutes and did
    12 min emom:
    Min 1: 16 cal row
    Min 2: 36 air squats
    Min 3: 15 V ups
    B. 5×12 single arm DB bench press with banded pull on non-working side 50#

  • Torsten Waurig

    A. 10:00 (14:30 last year)