“I need to do this for myself…” I’ve heard this many times. Typically, coming from the mouth of someone looking to sign up for a CrossFit membership after spending months to years being sedentary after having/raising children, enduring a stressful job, or taking care of a loved one. While I fully understand the rationale behind that line of thinking, I don’t quite agree with the premise. The implication is that signing up for a gym, and having some time to oneself, and working on self improvement is somehow selfish. 

   My wife and I have two children of our own and both split time between running our businesses and raising our children so I know full well how much time and effort goes into raising children. You don’t have to convince me that life can get busy and at times very difficult. But here’s the thing, we all have the time for the things that are important to us! And if you’re in the camp of wanting to make some changes but you feel that others around you are going to have to take a back seat, I’m here to tell you that is a lie.

   It’s my opinion that only when we are our best selves can we best serve and love those around us. In my last blog I wrote about all the benefits that come along with regular exercise, all of which are greatly improved, particularly with Crossfit because of the intense nature of the program. Put simply, Crossfit works to produce the best possible health outcomes. And when we are healthy, we are at our best to serve those around us. Crossfit helps us be better parents, better spouses, better coworkers, and better people in our communities. It is tough, no question about it. But when life gets tough, it’s the tough who prevail.

   My father was an incredible athlete when he was young. Being born in Denmark, soccer was the center of the sports world so that’s what he played through his teenage years. With only soccer experience, he ran a 4:22 mile when he was 19! Talk about speed, that is fast. He had great genetics. His soccer coach wanted him to train for the olympics for running but he had other plans. He wanted to come to America to see what all the fuss was about. Why do I bring this up? Well, I lost my father in 2016 to western disease. He had a myriad of health issues, most of which stemmed from his daily habits of not working out combined with eating and sleeping poorly for years on end. No doubt we all loved him dearly, but the last few years of his life were at times painful to watch. I don’t say this to bring dishonor to him, but to point to the fact that I believe he would still be with us had he taken the steps to be more healthy. His grandchildren would have a relationship with him today. 

   Of course we can’t control everything that happens to us. Sometimes life can bring twists and turns and will eventually bring unexpected sorrows. But I plan to at least give my best effort to take care of myself so that I can continue serving God, my wife, and my children for as long as I can. That means coming to workout even when I don’t feel like it, or eating healthier even when it’s more expensive, inconvenient, or just plainly less enjoyable. Crista fully understands that I am a better husband to her when I am taking care of myself and I know the same of her.


Hopefully this hits home for some of you that need some inspiration. See you in the gym.