This blog is a bit different from prior movement or nutrition related blogs, it might hit close to home.

At some point, we’ve all told somebody close to us to come try CrossFit only to hear in response, “I need to train before starting CrossFit.” Of course those of us who workout routinely know that’s not true. At this point almost everyone knows the movements and workouts are scalable, that your first 4 sessions are free, that each workout is guided by a coach, and that even people with physical disabilities can still participate, albeit with modifications.

No, what they’re really saying is, is “I don’t want others to see me in my current state, I don’t want to be embarrassed.” That might sound harsh but for most, it’s the truth. The gym is a huge place of vulnerability for most people. But if this is you, it’s important to know that none of the people in our gym were super fit when they first started. We all had to start from somewhere. Heck, a good portion of our membership are still beginners.

Of course there are other reasons keeping people from starting. Some truly don’t believe they will ever have the discipline to do CrossFit, some just hate working out in general, and others just don’t really want to work hard. (These are the ones that bash crossfit the most in my experience! lol)

I’m also aware that there are a ton of lies about fitness and nutrition that are being spread on a daily basis keeping people unhealthy. Meatless meat is better for you…fake butter and almond milk are healthier than the real thing…you’ll get injured working out…and so on. But personal accountability still matters, despite our cultures’ efforts to expunge it. We can’t always blame others for where we are in life. All of us still have the power to take back control of our lives. And if you’ve let yourself go, there’s still time to turn around and change your life for the better.

Is CrossFit hard? You bet, nothing of any real value in life comes easy.
Will you be uncomfortable and vulnerable when you first start? Most likely.
Will it take time to see changes? Of course.
Will you face some adversity in your health and fitness journey? Absolutely.

But if you truly want to change your life for the better, you must first acknowledge that your habits got you where you currently are, and that YOU still have the power to make changes. You must confront the person in the mirror!

Lastly, to those of you trying to get your friends and family members in to try out CrossFit, I’d tell you to focus on yourself first. Be the best version of yourself that you can be.

If you have 15 extra pounds to lose, lose them.
If you are trying to clean up your diet, start now, don’t wait.
If you are trying to focus on getting better sleep, cut out bad night time habits and get disciplined.
If you are trying to find the discipline to get in the gym regularly, think about where you want to be next week, next month, next year. The future will come whether you like it or not.

Your friends and family are watching, start leading by example. Maybe as you begin to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself, others around you might begin to believe that they can do it as well.

Our culture is mediocre today in almost every way, let’s be different. Let’s live with purpose. Hope this lights a fire under you. See you all in the gym.


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  • Mellen

    Right on. Lemme just say, “Amen!”

  • Jessica

    This is such a great article! You should do more like this!