Written by Sarah Loogman

Inflammation of the body can be caused by many factors, both chronic and acute, and is a natural immune response to foreign invasion. In the case of an acute injury, such as a sprained wrist, inflammation is localized to the area and is a natural protection and healing response of the body. In other cases, however, inflammation can be systematic and affect the entire system including organs and other internal networks. Poor eating habits can cause chronic inflammation leading to weight gain or disease and even stress and pollution can cause an emergency response by the systems of the organism.


Chronic systematic inflammation has been linked to food or chemical intolerances and allergies, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurological disorders including Alzheimers or emotional imbalances, among many other symptoms and diseases. On a more practical and daily basis, it can cause excessive tiredness, poor digestion, irritable bowels, low energy, bloated-ness, poor skin, shortness of breath, or mental fatigue commonly dubbed