It’s the final week of the Wellness Challenge! It’s been amazing to hear the journey that many of you have had in this 40-day lifestyle change and I’ve been very excited to share in your pride at your hard work…well done! Which brings me to our final Live It! Challenge because we want to hear more!


In these last five days, you can earn up to one point daily for taking time to write a reflection of any sort on your experience of this Challenge. It doesn’t have to be long, maybe a paragraph or so, but I’d like to give you the opportunity to share your successes, triumphs, and lessons. Whether you write a general reflection of the entire challenge, show us before/after photos, share your favorite Challenge-approved recipes, tell us about your “good deed” in Week 2 or share what new experiences you had in Week 4, we want to hear about it!


These reflections can be submitted either by email to or posted to any online media – but be sure to tag Northstate Crossfit in it! You can earn one point per day that you write a reflection of any sort, so if you want to spend each of the next 5 days highlighting a different aspect…there’s 5 points to finish this Challenge out! We look forward to hearing from you!

Comments ( 2 )

  • Mike Henry

    I would have to say throughout the Live It Challenge, one of the most beneficial aspects, at least for me, was the mobility requirement. I never made time for mobilizing before this. Now, not only do I enjoy it, and feel better, but realize it’s not that hard to make the time. What started as a 15 minute way to get points developed into YouTube searches for new stretches! Now I spend 30-45 minutes some days mobilizing. This is definitely something I will keep up after the challenge is over.

  • Mike Henry

    Just a general reflection regarding the diet during the Live It Challenge. First I’ll start off by saying that I was using the Lifestyle guidelines, and absolutely loved it. As someone who has done Paleo, LuRong, and even the “Whole 30”, I have found this to be the most enjoyable and sustainable way of eating healthy yet. There’s a reason the number 30 is in the name of the diet, you can only make it 30 days before you’re ready to binge eat your way back to the start of the diet! By incorporating healthy grains and oats into the Lifestyle Live It Challenge, not only do you feel like you’re not missing out on everything good to eat, but it gives you the complex carbohydrates to fuel you through the tough WOD’s that are programmed for us at the gym. I will definitely continue to follow these guidelines after the challenge, with a few tweaks, but in moderation of course!