Written by Nash Woods

Double unders are a source of endless frustration for many people starting CrossFit. The constant stream of cursing and rising welts could probably be described as self mutilation. Although some are able to pick up a rope and string together consecutive reps almost on first try, I was not one of them. In fact, it took me 3 years before I would string together even ten. Despite a lot of frustration, I learned a few tricks along the way that may help you in mastering your own jump rope in shorter time. 


Choosing a Rope

First things first: buy yourself a good rope. Unless you can already string together 50 or so, however, wait to buy the speed rope! Buy some type of rope that has a thicker cord that is adjustable in length. Although a speed rope is a great advanced tool for greater speed, the heavier weight of a beginner rope will provide you with better feedback as to where the rope is in relation to your body. Having flexibility with the length of your rope to begin is also important so that you can experiment with your preference – too long and the rope will hit the floor and bounce up into your toes, too short and the rope will hit your toes anyway. Trial and error is the best method to figure out the length that suits you best. 


Practice, Practice, Practice

Once you have a rope, it