Memorial Day Schedule Gym Schedule – 8AM and 9:30AM
Child Watch 8AM Only

I know many of you have done this workout in years past, but if you haven’t, it’s a an awesome time to come in and do a hard workout in honor of those that have given their lives for us so we may live free in this great country. If you’ve already performed this workout, consider performing it this time with a slightly more difficult variation.

Below are my tips for success!

1. 1st Time Doing Murph – If this is your first time, partition the pull-ups, push-ups, and squat into 5, 10, and 15 reps respectively. This is definitely the easiest way to perform this workout.

2. Pace – You know it’s a long workout, pace it accordingly. You wont win this workout in the first few minutes.

3. Small Sets – Especially for those of you planning to do this workout unpartitioned, break your sets of pull-ups and pushups long before you need to. The idea is to really start fatiguing once you’re almost finished with each movement. Lastly, for the squats, if you are having to take breaks you are moving too fast. Slow down so you can stay moving continuously. Get all the way down, get all the way back up.

4. Protect your Hands – Weather is warming up, which means more chalk, which means more blisters. Small sets—>small breaks—>fresh hands. Limit the chalk.

Hope this helps guys.