15 Minutes EMOM
Snatch x 1

Like Last Wednesday, Choose Something Tough But Doable
From The Start and Record Makes/Misses

5 Tough Sets
Front Squat x 3 @24X1
Less Reps Here, Add Some Weight

20-15-10 Reps For Time
Power Snatch 135/95#
Overhead Reverse Alternating Lunge Step 135/95#
Calorie Assault Bike

3 Sets
Hollow Rock x 1 Minute
Rest 1 Minute

3 Sets
1 Minute Side Plank x 1 Minute
Rest as Needed Between Sets/Sides

Optional Second Session

Fartlek Intervals, 4 x 1 Mile Run

400 Meters Moderate

400 Meters Easy

400 Meters Moderate/Hard

400 Meters Walk

Repeat for the 4 Total Miles

Comments ( 4 )

  • Austin Salisbury

    A.190×5/195×5/200×4/205×1-no misses
    B.245 all 5 sets
    C. 12:44
    D. Done at home

  • Tay

    Only enough time to do this before class:
    B. 225×4,235×1
    C. 20-15-10 of: 100lb sandbag over shoulder, single arm DB lunge (70), Cals airdyne
    D. Done

    • Tay

      C. Time:10:55

  • jjorgensen

    A. 225, 4 misses
    B. 235-245-255-265-255
    C. 10:44
    D. Done
    E. Done

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