From here on out, the idea to prioritize intensity as volume will drop a bit throughout the open. So give each session your best effort but understand that you need to be fresh each Friday. Make sure you are doing your part to recover as well as possible. Mobilizing, eating to recover, and doing the accessory work for your individual weaknesses will give you the best chance of putting forth your best finish. Friday each week we will perform the open workouts.

Establish a 1RM
Overhead Squat
(Take From Rack)

7 Rounds For Time
7 Squat Cleans 145/100#
7 C2B Pull-ups

Rest Exactly 3 Minutes After Finishing Part B
For Time
30 Muscle-ups

Spend 20 Minutes
Smashing Hip Musculature

Spend 10 Minutes
Smashing Upper Body/Trunk Musculature

Comments ( 3 )

  • Austin Salisbury

    A. 315lbs 15lb PR!
    C. 5:16

  • Tay

    A. Built to a heavy deadlift single -375
    B. 8:31 (subbed with DB squat cleans 50# each hand)
    1st time doing C2B

  • jjorgensen

    A. 295
    B. Took the rest of the day off.
    Trying to get fresh for friday