Northstate CrossFit Places 39th Worldwide!
Well, the open is over and we’re hoping that each of you had fun, gave it your best, and learned more about your current fitness as well as where you want to be moving forward. I wanted to honor our NSCF athletes who qualified for the next stage of competition…quarterfinals. We’re very proud of you all!


Jackson Beasley – Men’s Individual
Richie Carrel – Men’s Individual
Selina Cichosz – Women’s 35-39 and Individual
Madison Fredrick – Girls 16-17
Mario Hernandez – Men’s Individual
Jesse Holden – Men’s Individual
Sheena Hunter – Women’s 35-39 and Individual
Crista Jorgensen – Women’s 35-39 and Individual
Jonathan Jorgensen – Men’s 35-39 and Individual
Rob Mccandless, Men’s 50-54
Kenny Nugent – Men’s Individual
Cady Pollard – Girls 16-17 and Women’s Individual
Austin Salisbury – Men’s Individual
Isabel Simonis – Women’s Individual
Stephanie Smith – Women’s 45-49 and Individual
John Stimpel – Men’s 60-64
Brittany Thomas – Women’s Individual
Tory Tyree – Men’s Individual
Cassidy Williams – Women’s Individual
Anna Woods – Women’s Individual
Taylor Wykoff – Men’s Individual


Eating For Fat Loss vs. Eating For Performance (Choose 1, Not Both!) Quick Tip!

People tend to look at certain foods as either healthy or unhealthy. A better way to think about this topic is to think about how the foods we’re eating are going to serve the fitness or weight loss goals we have for ourselves. In other words, establish your goal first, then ask yourself whether the foods you’re selecting are going to help you achieve that goal. Eating with the goal of losing weight is going to look very different than eating with the goal of maximizing fitness, recovery, and performance.

At the end of the day, if your goal is to lose weight, calories must be cut back. If your goal is recovery and performance, ask yourself, “is what I’m eating right now going to either fuel my best efforts, and/or will it help me recover for tomorrow?” If not, an adjustment needs to be made. In my experience, people spend so much time in limbo between these two concepts that they never really reach either goal. If this resonates with you, first establish your goal, come up with a plan, then stick to it!