Getting Healthy Isn’t Selfish

   “I need to do this for myself…” I’ve heard this many times. Typically, coming from the mouth of someone looking to sign up for a CrossFit membership after spending months to years being sedentary after having/raising children, enduring a stressful job, or taking care of a loved one. While I fully understand the rationale […]

Why We Do This?

Why We Do This Thing Called CrossFit? I was having a difficult time trying to figure out what to write about for this month’s newsletter/blog. The goal with my blogs have always been to address coaching points that I don’t have the time to address during classes. In essence, I want to extend my ability […]

How To Add Volume…Effectively!

So, you want to do more than the gyms’ base classes… Almost all of us who do crossfit have at one point in time come to a place in which we’ve wanted more gains. For some, gains = increased fitness while for others, gains = improved body composition. For many, it’s both. If you’ve been […]

Injuries in CrossFit!

Injuries In CrossFit Yep, it’s about time I tackled this one. After all, injuries are probably the #1 reason CrossFit gets a bad rap. We’ve all been told by someone we know, “don’t do crossfit, you’ll get hurt.’’ But is it really true that CrossFit produces more injuries than other sports and training programs? And […]

Foods I Don’t Eat and Why

Foods I Do Not Eat Back in March, I released a blog post entitled ‘What I Eat and Why.” Of all the posts I’ve made, I received the most feedback from that one. So I figured, why not write something about the foods I stay away from and why? Some of these are obvious no-nos […]

Supplements, the What and Why!

Back in 2014 Reebok was the Title Sponsor of the CrossFit Games. Part of the sponsorship contract that year was that the competing athletes could not wear any other shoe, other than the shoes provided, which were of course Reebok’s. We all saw our favorite games athletes in Reeboks competing at the highest levels of […]

“I Have To Train Before Starting CrossFit”

This blog is a bit different from prior movement or nutrition related blogs, it might hit close to home. At some point, we’ve all told somebody close to us to come try CrossFit only to hear in response, “I need to train before starting CrossFit.” Of course those of us who workout routinely know that’s […]

Memorial Day 2023 Schedule + Tips

Memorial Day Schedule Gym Schedule – 8AM and 9:30AM Child Watch 8AM Only I know many of you have done this workout in years past, but if you haven’t, it’s a an awesome time to come in and do a hard workout in honor of those that have given their lives for us so we […]

Working Out at Home Doesn’t Work

Don’t worry, I know there are SOME crazy people who are disciplined to give their best effort at home consistently. But in my 27 years of training and another 15 years of coaching, these are the very few exceptions, not the rule. And most likely if you’re reading this, you aren’t the exception either. (And […]

What I Eat and Why.

What I Eat and Why. I like to keep things simple. I don’t worry about my weight primarily in regards to nutrition. In my opinion that’s where most people go wrong! Rather, I want to know that what I’m eating is going to help me achieve my main goal of maintaining my fitness while also […]

73 Years Young and Kicking Butt!

If you don’t use it, you lose it! For young people this phrase doesn’t mean much. But as we age movement becomes more and more important and that phrase starts to become reality. The more sedentary we become while getting older can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle with limited mobility. This can lead to chronic […]

January Special!

43% of fitness New Year’s Resolutions fail after just 1 month! After 3 months, only 10% of people think their resolutions will last. To help you get and stay committed, Northstate CrossFit is offering a deal for the month of January only! Prepay for 3 Months, we will give you your 4th month FREE*! *New […]

NSCF Member Chris K. Gives Insights Into His Fitness Loss Journey

If you follow our social media, you probably saw a post we made a few weeks back detailing how Chris Koller lost a lot of weight by making some simple, yet profound changes in his life. I recently asked him to write a brief explanation of how he did it. His response below…   “It […]

How to Use the Levels To Level Up And Make Gainz

How To Use The Levels To Level Up and Make Gainz. Take yourself back to your first month of CrossFit… You were probably nervous, didn’t understand half the lingo or the movements, and still probably very sore after every workout…even without getting an Rx on the board. Fast forward 1,2, or 3 years down the […]

5 Reasons Your Gainz Have Plateaued!

Quick Reminder – Northstate CrossFit will be closed tomorrow, July 9th. Many of our members will be judging and competing in the ‘’Never Forgotten Games” being held at the Civic Auditorium in Redding. It is free to spectate. If you’re not competing, feel free to come cheer on your fellow members!   5 Reasons Your […]

4 Strategies To Lean Down

Getting leaner is always a hot topic around this time of year with summer practically here. So, I wanted to give you all some simple strategies you can use in order to lean down! When it comes to losing weight(and gaining weight for that matter), calories in/calories out is still king. However, the type of […]

NSCF Represents Well In Quarterfinals!

The Teens, Masters, and Team Quarterfinals are over and Northstate CrossFit represented very well! Two notables include Stephanie Smith (Women’s 45-49) placed 19th worldwide while John Stimpel (Men’s 60-64) placed 21st worldwide! Other notables from Northstate CrossFit include: Maddy Fredrick (Girls 16-17) 78th Worldwide Cady Pollard (Girls 16-17) 103rd Worldwide Crista Jorgensen (Women’s 35-39) 149th Worldwide […]

Northstate CrossFit Places 39th Worldwide!

Northstate CrossFit Places 39th Worldwide! Well, the open is over and we’re hoping that each of you had fun, gave it your best, and learned more about your current fitness as well as where you want to be moving forward. I wanted to honor our NSCF athletes who qualified for the next stage of competition…quarterfinals. […]

Adding 6:30am Class

Starting Monday August 3rd we will be adding 6:30am to the schedule Monday and Wednesday. If attendance is high we will ad it M-F!!!!💪

Thanksgiving Schedule

We will have a modified schedule this week for Thanksgiving. Normal Schedule Monday and Tuesday. Longer classes Wednesday night for

Veterans Day

Monday is Veterans Day! We will have a 8am and 9am class as well as a 4:30pm class! Kids Zone at all classes! #veteransday #america #nscf #northstatecrossfit

Labor Day Classes

10 Year Pool Party @Elks

NSCF 10 Year Anniversary Party is this Saturday! 10am to whenever at The Elks! Everyone one is invited! You don

No Yoga In June

Yoga will resume in July with the regular schedule. First and third Sunday of the month. July 7th and 21st

Memorial Day

8am and 9:30am Class Only! Kids Zone at 9:30am class ONLY.

No Evening Classes

Hey NSCF! The power has been out for a few hours now. We will be cancelling the evening classes. Friday 2/15/19 Shout out to the nooners who worked out to silence!👊 We will update you guys as soon as we can about Saturday classes. #nscf

OPEN! For 12p Class!

Power is on and we will have class at noon!

Yoga Schedule!

Since we had such a positive response and great turn out last Sunday. We will be adding Yoga every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month at 10:30am!!! The next classes in February will be the 3rd and 17th! @mikyboucher #yoga #stretching #mobility #nscf #sunday

New Year Week

Schedule for New Years!

No Classes Saturday 12/1

We will be closed for our in-house competition Jingle Bell Battle.

Thanksgiving Schedule

Hey NSCF! Next week is Thanksgiving week. We will be closed for Thanksgiving and limited schedule Black Friday. All other days are normal schedule. #thanksgiving #turkeyday #nscf #northstatecrossfit #schedule

New On-Ramp Format

Getting started at Northstate CrossFit is simple. Because our goal is to get you results in the quickest, safest, and most effective way possible, we offer a 4 session 1-on-1 personal training on-ramp program designed to get you ready to join the daily classes. During these sessions you will learn the movements that are fundamental […]

Yoga this Saturday!

This Saturday August 25th. Join us for Yoga with Michaela! Good mobility is essential in moving properly, preventing injury, and improving overall fitness, but most crossfitters don




Jonathan and I will be opening the gym tomorrow! In times like these we want our community to be able to come together and support each other as long as it is safe to do so. If nothing else the hour in the gym might be a good distraction from our current situation. We all […]

July 4th Schedule

🇺🇸🇺🇸July 4th Schedule🇺🇸🇺🇸 🎆7am🎇8am*🎆9am* *Kids Zone [Wear your red,white,and blue] #merica #america #redwhiteandblue #july4th #independenceday #nscf #northstatecrossfit #crossfit #community #thisisredding

No Saturday Classes

No Saturday Classes this weekend(June9th) for the Spring Fling Competition. We will have open gym for members 9a-12p. *No Kids Zone* If you are not competing come workout, cheer some people on, hang out! Coach @trainernashty and @cristajorgensen will be holding the fort down! If you want to volunteer and help us judge, let us […]


Written by Crista Jorgensen We have all heard it outside the gym when you tell someone you do CrossFit;

Visceral Fat, Sugar, and Big Lifts!

Written by Hannah Dykstra

Memorial Day

Limited schedule for Memorial Day. Kids Zone will be available for the 8a-9:30a class ONLY! Wear your red, white, and blue! “””Murph””” For Time Run 1 Mile 100 Pull-ups 200 Pushups 300 Air Squats Run 1 Mile


NORTHSTATE CROSSFIT IS A OFFICIAL HOST OF THE MURPH CHALLENGE 2018 The Murph Challenge is the Official annual fundraiser of the LT. Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation, presented by Forged

5 Misconceptions About Starting CrossFit

Written by Crista Jorgensen I HAVE TO GET IN SHAPE TO START: This is the number one way to shoot yourself in the foot. What people don’t realize is that CrossFit is highly scalable. In fact the majority of our members will scale workouts on a daily basis. This is one of the major benefits […]

Next On-Ramp! *Hat Drop*

NSCF members! Bring a friend for free this Saturday and if they sign up for our next On-Ramp starting this Monday the 14th receive a FREE HAT!!! #swag #free #hat #nscf #northstatecrossfit #freeclass #onramp #fundamentals #crossfit #fitness #summeriscoming #thisisredding #redding

Never Forgotten Games

Such a fun day yesterday competing for a cause with all the Northstate CrossFit teams. Very proud of everyone

Closed Sat. May 5th

The gym will be closed this Saturday for The Never Forgotten Games. Northstate CrossFit has many teams competing so come out and support the community! First event starts at 9am at Shasta High School on the track. More details at #competeforacause #neverforgotten #community #nscf #northstatecrossfit #thisisredding #crossfit #fitness #competition #teamcompetition

Pre-Order Jersey Tops

Going to put an order in for these lightweight long sleeve jersey tops. They are not heavy duty and perfect for spring or a summer morning! Color options are Charcoal/Black, Red, or Black. They are unisex sizes, so check the size chart. Please let me know by FRIDAY at 12pm. You can email me at […]

Why Your Digestion May Be Inhibiting Your Performance Potential

Written By Hannah Dykstra Brain:

General Life Preparedness

Written by Sarah Loogman According to the concept of GPP modeled by CrossFit, or General Physical Preparedness, there are 10 essential skills to consider when testing or training for physical competence. These measures are – endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Intentional Mobility

Written by Hannah Dykstra A key element of the CrossFit definition is

February PR’s and The Open!

By Jonathan Jorgensen     First off, I am pretty stoked to see this PR board fill up like it did this month. It validates this stuff we do called CrossFit. But it also validates the hard work, dedication, and effort that all of you have been putting forth this year. I hope this gives […]

Presidents Day Schedule

Slight schedule change for Presidents Day this Monday the 19th.

Are You Chasing Aesthetics or Fitness?

Written by Jonathan Jorgenson This post is to expand on my original idea featured in the last paragraph of my most recent blog post HERE. I have received feedback from a few of you over the last couple weeks about it and I wanted to give a clearer picture about the idea of setting fitness […]

Forever Postpartum: The Birthfit Movement

By Mikilah Speer  


Hey NSCF! The 2018 @crossfitgames Open is live and I just registered our Northstate CrossFit team! Make sure when you sign up that you choose our affiliate and team when registering! Go to to register #northstatecrossfit #nscf #team #community #fitness #competition #fun #crossfit #intheopen #crossfitopen

Creating Confidence

Written by Sarah Loogman How you respond to your workout is much like how we respond to life. If you miss a lift, do you throw a fit? Do you hunch over with hands on your knees or walk away from the barbell as you try to catch your breath? Do you cringe when you

Proprioception: A Sense of Self

Written by Hannah Dykstra Have you ever wondered how gymnasts and dancers move so gracefully and seemingly effortless? The nature of both of these sports is all about positions. These athletes spend a significant amount of time in proper positions, thus developing proprioception or the unconscious ability to perform routines within these patterns. Proprioception or


*Limited Schedule for MLK Day* 8A*-9A*-12P-3:30P-4:30P*-5:30P* *Kids Zone Supervision #mlk #nscf #ihaveadream

The Open is Coming!

Written by Jon Jorgensen   It

2018 PRs and Goals

New Year. Same You. Bigger goals. It

A Worthy Pursuit

In setting goals, if we


For anyone that wants to start the New Year right, we will be having a partner #wod at 10am on Monday! *NO KIDS ZONE #happynewyear #2018 #nscf #northstatecrossfit #partnerworkout #fitness #crossfit #community #newyearnewyou #goalsetting

Barefoot or Bust

Written by Hannah Dykstra I am asked all the time why I walk barefoot or why I purchased a pair of such minimalist shoes from Vivo Barefoot. Our feet are the foundation by which every single pattern of movement begins, full engagement of every single muscle in our foundation leads to full engagement of every […]

Closed Monday!

Just a reminder that Christmas is this Monday🎄#NSCF will be closed! #merrychristmas #tistheseason #jesusisthereasonfortheseason #christmas #family #hoilday #🎄🎁🎅🏽🤶🏼✝️❤️

Inflammation: The Slow Death

Written by Sarah Loogman Inflammation of the body can be caused by many factors, both chronic and acute, and is a natural immune response to foreign invasion. In the case of an acute injury, such as a sprained wrist, inflammation is localized to the area and is a natural protection and healing response of the […]

Nash Discusses Anterior Pelvic Tilt and Methods To Fix it!

Thanksgiving Schedule

Monday – Regular Schedule Tuesday – Regular Schedule Wednesday – Regular Schedule Thursday – Closed Friday – 12:00p-3:30p*-5:00p*-6:30p Saturday – Regular Schedule *Kids Care

Refuel and Recover

Written by Hannah Dykstra As an athlete or fitness enthusiast, food is one of the most important factors when it comes to performance and health. Most athletes believe we eat to prepare for our workouts, games, races or events, which is true to the extent that we need fuel for energy, but when is the […]

Knock Out Knee Pain

Written by Nash Woods Knee pain is no fun. Knee pain deriving from CrossFit training is generally a result of hip tightness or dysfunction. Luckily, there are a few mobilizations and movements that can be a catch-all for general knee pain. This is by no means an exhaustive list and doesn’t address things like arthritis […]

Breathe Like a Lion: Inhale Performance

Written by Sarah Loogman As thoughtless of an act it may seem, the mechanics of breathing have a profound affect on our physical health and even mental or emotional wellness. A gateway

Confessions of a Gimp Part II: Trusting the Process

Written by Hannah Dykstra If you

Reasons Why We Program Carries

Nash Woods goes over the importance and key points of carries. Check out this video!  

Row Technique

  By Hannah Dykstra   If you step into any CrossFit gym or watch most CrossFit competitions, you will most likely see a Concept 2 rower used within the programming. Rowing is an exceptional form of aerobic work because it recruits almost every major muscle group in the body – quads, lats, hamstrings, glutes, abs, […]

Partner Saturday!

Bring a friend for the 9am class! 8am and 10am class for members!

It’s Not About the Win

Written by Sarah Loogman In many ways, competition drives progress. Comparing ourselves to the masses allows us to measure the value of our hard work and when it comes to athletics, nothing seems to drive a sense of self more than head to head competition. We love to win, or at least we love the […]

Out of the Box: New Sports to Try

Written by Nash Woods Competing is fun. Even if you are just using CrossFit as a way to stay healthy and active, competition is still great to get out and test yourself once and awhile. The beautiful thing about CrossFit is the exposure that it brings to different modalities of exercise and sport. No matter […]

Event# 3

🔝Use link to watch  Event#3 has two parts and is the final event of the

You Are in Control

Written by Hannah Dykstra Before you continue to read this article, I want to challenge you as a reader to think back to your first CrossFit

Event# 2

🔝Use link to watch on YouTube Event #2 of the Inhouse Competition

Event #1

🔝Link to Event#1 Coach @rckrnashty here to explain Event #1 for the “Back To School Bash” Partner Comp this Sat. Sept. 9th  12 minute AMRAP 50 Double Unders *50 singles 12 S/A KB hang clean and jerks 53/35# *35/26# 15 wall ball 20/14# For one partner to be working the other must hold an atlas […]

Limited Schedule Monday

Labor Day Schedule 

Correcting the Snatch

  Written by Nash Woods The barbell snatch is arguably the most challenging movement seen in CrossFit, if not across all sport. It requires you to bring a barbell from the floor to overhead in one smooth motion without maiming yourself or others in the process. The pull is the most important part of a snatch. […]

Mind Flex

Written by Sarah Loogman The brain acts much like muscle – tissue that can called to action for many purposes. This concept of brain plasticity opposes old beliefs in neuroscience that we were born with a set number of neurons and would permanently lose those as we aged. New research, however, shows that you actually […]

“PR” Your Life

Written by Sarah Loogman At the essence of CrossFit is to evolve our human race – to build increasingly more functional, adaptable mechanisms of the body for inclusive fitness that advances our abilities across a broad range of physical tests. By improving our physical being, we are able to improve cognitive function, elevate mood, and […]

Training, Fat Loss and the Menstrual Cycle

Written by Hannah Dykstra With the continued rise of the CrossFit-ignited fitness revolution, women are becoming more familiarized with performance-based nutrition and fitness. Paleo, Keto, RP,  Zone and even the ever-so-famous

You’re Fit, But Are You Healthy?

Written by Jon Jorgensen   I recently listened to the podcast linked below and a couple parts struck a chord with something I

Obliques: The Key to a Functional 6-Pack

What does it take to get a stronger midline? More GHD situps? More hollow holds? L-sits? Toes to bar? Well if you’re like me and have tried all of the above and still can

July 4th!

Tuesday July 4th we will have a 8am, 9am, and 10am Class ONLY! Kids Zone available at 8 and 9am. #redwhiteandblue #america #july4th #northstatecrossfit #nscf #herowod

You Are Enough

By Sarah Loogman We live in a culture perpetuated by fear – fear of the future, insecurity of self, a lack of passion for the pursuit we are living. We cover it with hard work, business and an heir of confidence we ride the edge to maintain. We find pride and confidence in our ability to […]

Competition Programming By Jonathan Jorgensen Coming To Northstate CrossFit!

2017 proved to be a successful year for NSCF in regards to our finish at the California Regional. Finishing at 13th overall landed us 5 spots higher than our 2016 accomplishments, however, we feel that there is much more room for improvement and are excited for the years to come. In response to this opportunity for […]

Confessions of a Gimp

 Written by Hannah Dykstra Northstate CrossFit trainer, Hannah Dykstra, recently incurred a serious injury to her knee while training to be a part of the California Regionals team represented in Del Mar. As unfortunate as this experience has been for her, we asked her to reflect on the experience thus far and what she has […]


Reminder that there will be no regular scheduled classes this Saturday (June 10th) for the Spring Fling! Come hang out and cheer people on! #community #crossfit

Memorial Day

🇺🇸Memorial Day “Murph”🇺🇸 Limited Schedule for Memorial Day. Classes at 9:00a* and 10:30a. *Kids Zone at 9:00a ONLY.

Mastering Double-Unders

Written by Nash Woods Double unders are a source of endless frustration for many people starting CrossFit. The constant stream of cursing and rising welts could probably be described as self mutilation. Although some are able to pick up a rope and string together consecutive reps almost on first try, I was not one of […]

Sleep, Recover, Repeat

By Sarah Loogman It seems too easy that better, restful sleep can lead to better physical and mental performance, improved physical health and mental well being, and prevent or cure chronic disease of pain. But it

Regional Shirts!

2017 Regional Shirts are in. First come first serve. Limited supply! Thank you Sponsors @reddingsportstherapy @verticalchiro @communityacupuncture @freestylelandscaping @crossfisher #roadtoregionals2017 #teamnscf #nscf #northstatemade #crossfit #tshirt #croptop

Finding Your Why When Fitness Isn’t Fun

Written by Nash Woods Sometimes being healthy isn’t fun. Be honest, eating a pint of whatever protein powder based ice cream replacement that is popular that month will never replace the satisfaction that you get from Ben and Jerry. It’s hard to see the payoff when some sadist has their elbow so deep into the […]


@communityacupuncture will be holding a cupping fundraiser for the NSCF Team to help get them down to Del Mar for the California Regionals. Monday May 8th we will have two time slots from 9-11a and 3-5p at Northstate. If you always wanted to try cupping, here is your chance. Open to all!!! #itdoesnthurt #healing #cuppingtherapy […]

Next On-Ramp!!!

Attend The 2 Week Group On-Ramp Class

Going to Cal Regionals!

Really excited that Northstate CrossFit will be sending a team down to the California Regionals this year! Out of 175 teams that registered we came in 13th! That spot may move up once the individual scores are removed. The Roster is @cristajorgensen @anna_rollins4 @hannah.dykstra @brittany__williams @jonjorgie @asalisbury01 @josh_sherman7 @richiecarrel  #crossfit #nscf #californiaregional @crossfitgames @crossfit

Steph Wins!

Congratulations to Stephanie Miller for taking 1st at her powerlifting meet this weekend. She had a 771# total, 292 squat, 143 bench, 336 deadlift at 139lbs. #badass #2for2 #powerlifting #crossfit #nscf #squat #bench #deadlift #momstrong #millertime

Building Core Strength

Written by Hannah Dykstra        CrossFit puts a high value on functional movements that use the body as a whole versus segmenting body parts into isolation training, the classic “body building” routine. This emphasis trains greater measures of athleticism by applying exercise to movement in ways that may mimic patterns of everyday life. The body […]

Hamstring Mobility in the Kettlebell Swing

 Written by Sarah Loogman        Although much of the fitness world has conceded that the kettlebell swing is a low back and shoulder exercise, proper understanding of the mechanics involved in swinging a kettlebell demonstrate that it should, in fact, be an exercise for the glutes and hamstrings while teaching rapid, athletic hip […]

What is Adrenal Fatigue?

 Written by Hannah Dykstra         Adrenal fatigue is a general idea for a collection of signs and symptoms that results when the adrenal glands are at dysfunctional operating levels. Most commonly identified through prolonged periods of high stress, physical fatigue, or feelings of depression, this syndrome is often hard to identify as […]

17.1 Tips & Strategy

Written by Sarah Loogman  Just like that, the CrossFit Open is upon us once again with a brutal couplet to start off 2017. With an ascending ladder of dumbbell snatches mixed in with burpees over the box, this is a mental mastermind’s dream and the hyper strategists nightmare. 17.1 is simple – just go.    Mentality […]

Top 6 Supplements for CrossFit

Written by Sarah Loogman         When it comes to the world of supplements, there is an overwhelming stack of pills and powders lining the shelves that advertise great promise of weight loss, muscle gain and more. The newly inspired fitness activist or big dream athlete often get lost or misguided in how […]

Run Better, Run Faster: The Pose Method

Written by Hannah Dykstra        If you thought running is a technique-free exercise, think again. Although putting your foot in front of the other may seem dummy-proof and straightforward, there are techniques and styles to running just as there are with any other exercise to optimize efficiency and reduce risk of injury.   […]

Eliminate Wrist and Elbow Pain with Extensor Training

Written by Nash Woods         Fixing imbalances is crucial to developing athletic performance while avoiding injury. Imbalances of the physical body will tend to occur anytime that one system is used more frequently than its antagonistic system. Just about every sport, hobby or lifestyle, has a quality of biased movement that over the course of months […]

The CrossFit Open: No Excuses

Written by Sarah Loogman         The Open is upon us!! In 28 days, the largest scale fitness event in the world will kick off for athletes all around the globe. For a very elite few, this is the start of the CrossFit Games season, but for the vast majority, the CrossFit Open is a way to […]

The Physiology and Psychology of Breath

Written by Hannah Dykstra         Most CrossFit athletes have been drilled with the concept of intensity and high-power performance, yet many miss the mark when it comes to factors such as mobility and recovery. Many of us, including myself, are guilty of neglecting these less glamorous details when we focus solely on the daily WOD and […]

Eliminating Shoulder Pain

Written by Nash Woods        The lifestyle choices that we make condition us to a particular pattern of movement that often are cause to imbalances or restrictions to our full potential function. Despite the fact that CrossFit has brought broad and varied fitness to all, traditional CrossFit programming has lead to signature deficiencies in many athletes […]

The CrossFit Mom: Oxymoron or Fitness Revolution?

Written by Mikilah Speer        If I had a dime for every time that somebody looked at me with concern while I was pregnant and asked,

Setting SMART Goals

Written by Sarah Loogman        It’s always a good time to set new goals, but the New Year is always an especially momentous time to declare ambitions anew. The turn of a calendar for many people brings a sense of starting over and another chance at dreams not yet realized. The New Year is often considered a fresh […]

Gymnastics 101: The Handstand

Written by Hannah Dykstra        If you take a look at competitive gymnastics, you will find that each level has a list of definitive skills that an athlete must be able perform in order to compete at that level. The mastery of basic skills will ensure that an athlete has the proper entry to the […]

Strongman and CrossFit

Written by Nash Woods        Though thrusters, burpees and kipping pull-ups mark our typical idea of CrossFit, the training methodology of CrossFit continues to adapt and grow with increasing information and greater breadth of coaches and experts that make up this community. In recent years, a greater variety of movement has reintegrated itself into the fitness program […]

Christmas Schedule

Saturday at 9am will be open to everyone!

Thanksgiving Schedule

Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday will be normal schedule.  Kids Zone:  Wednesday at 8a,9a,5p,6p Only Friday at 3:30p and 5p Only

Veterans Day!

Limited schedule for Veterans Day this Friday! #herowod


Excited to announce that Coach Jonathan Jorgensen became one of the few trainers that is CrossFit Level 3 Certified and the first trainer to hold a Level 3 in Redding! Whoop Whoop! #nscf #northstatecrossfit #cfl3 #thisisredding #crossfit #fitness

Iron October Comp

Six teams from NSCF competing at Iron October! #ironoctoberIV #northstatecrossfit #crossfit  #1 Northstate Honey Badgers aka- Team Out of Shape #2 King in The Northstate aka- min

Did you know??

Did you know?? NSCF programs daily additional optional work for those who are committed to spending time outside of the regular classes to improve their skills, strength and mobility. This extra work compliments the daily WOD and overall approach in order to sync all of your fitness into one comprehensive program. If you’re ready to […]

MommyFit Outside!

Get Outside!!!

Labor Day

Labor Day Schedule 2016


Please join us for this #Autismawarness event September 1oth 2016! Open to ALL! Sign up at:


NSCF is excited to announce we will be starting @mommyfit_ classes next week. Coach Mikilah will have classes on Monday and Friday at 10am!  👶🏻💪🏻👶🏽💪🏽👶🏿💪🏿 What is MommyFit? MommyFit is a class designed for women preparing for, going through, or recovering from pregnancy. The class specifically modifies CrossFit movements in order to accommodate and gradually […]

July 4th Classes!

Monday schedule: 9am and 10:30am *Kids zone at 9am only!!

NEW: Nutrition Counseling!

NSCF has partnered with Renaissance Periodization and we are now offering meal planning and nutrition counseling! Our goal is to provide our clients with the complete picture of wellness and health and we

Memorial Day Schedule

Classes will be held at 9 and 10:30am on Memorial Day  Honor Murph with us. BYOR (bring your own ruck!) 

Coach Loogman Finishes 15th!

We are beyond proud of Sarah Loogman! She finished 15th in The CrossFit Games California Regional this past weekend. Not only is she a phenomenal athlete, but an excellent coach, friend, and motivator. Not everyone sees all the hardwork she has put in to get to this point, but we have seen her day in […]

Team NSCF!!!

Team Northstate CrossFit finishes 18th at The CrossFit Games California Regional! Congratulations Brittany, Crista, Sheena, Josh, Kenny, and Richie!!!

2016 Regional Shirts!

   Regionals apparel is now available for preorder! Help support NSCF headed to the #CaliforniaRegionals by purchasing a T or tank and representing our community with this custom design by @sarahloogman. Sign up at the front bulletin or contact with style and size. Last day to order is Monday April 18th @12p!

BBQ This Saturday!!!

We would like to celebrate the end of the CF Open with our community!!! BBQ this Saturday March 26th starting at 12:00pm! We will be providing the hamburgers and hot dogs! Sign-up to bring a side dish at the gym. BYOB!!! All are invited!!! Members, family, friends!!!

The 2016 Open: What to Expect at NSCF

The Open is upon us! We hope that you are excited as we are for this exciting community event. If you haven’t already registered, we highly suggest that you do! Whether you are brand new to our gym or you

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

8am ladies got it done in their tutu’s last week!    

2016 Smart Goals!!!

Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.#SMARTgoals #havethem #crushthem

50% OFF On-Ramp

   Our last On-Ramp of the year will be 50% OFF!!! Starts December 28th at 9am or 6pm!!! Great Christmas Present! 🎁 #nscf #northstatecrossfit #fitness #gift #giftofhealth #onramp #sale

Gift Certificates Available!

Give the gift of fitness and community this Christmas…we have gift certificates available! See the front desk for details.

Monday EMOM

We saw a few of the 9am-ers achieve all 15 rounds of today’s WOD…will you??    

Thanksgiving Schedule

   Thanksgiving Schedule: Monday and Tuesday are normal schedule. Wednesday-Friday shown above. Saturday is normal schedule. Friday’s Kids Zone is a 5p Only. Normal Schedule for CrossFit Kids on Wednesday. #nscf #northstatecrossfit #crossfit #happythanksgiving #crossfitkids #turkeytrot #shastaregional #run #6miles

Veterans Day Schedule

This Wednesday we will honor all who have served by doing the Hero WOD

NSCF Kids!!! Starts Nov. 11th

Northstate CrossFit is excited to announce we are starting CrossFit Kids again Wednesday November 11th with Coach Abby. Pre-k 3-5 years old from 10-10:30a. Kids 5-12 years old 3:00-3:30p. First class is ?#?FREE?!!!

Congrats to Heather and Carson!

Heather R. is the Rich Froning of Halloween Costume Contests. Third year in a row as champ!

Mobility Hack?

Shoulder mobility hack??? We think so but we want you to give this a try and let us know! We’ve noticed many of our ex-runner clients to have noticeably more forward shoulders and a resulting poor overhead position. In three separate clients this morning, we test and retested both the press and push jerk overhead […]

Labor Day

Thanks to everyone who came in for our holiday WOD and honored Daniel with us!    

Labor Day Schedule

Be ready for a Hero WOD! 9am, 10:30am, and 12:00pm ONLY! Supervised Kids Zone 9am ONLY

CrossFit Celebration and Cornhole Tournament

Everyone is invited to a CrossFit celebration at Bernie and Jim’s (alias Carter) at 3647 Pioneer Lane, Redding, on Saturday September 19th @ 5:00. This will be a catered event with dinner being served at 6:00. Dinner will include tri-tip, chicken, baked beans, green salad, potato salad and rolls. Please RSVP by September 14th through […]

NSCF Adventure Day!

  You’re invited to summit Lassen Peak with us on Saturday, October 3! Please let us know you plan on coming by signing up at the gym, this way we can also arrange rides for everybody. All levels welcome!

5:30am Tuesday

This is what commitment looks like! 

If you’re not making it to mobility WOD Thursday’s, you’re missing out! 

Stacy’s PR celebration is how we all really feel when we accomplish new things….go Stacy!   

Friday 9am class!

Wallball Wednesday!

New 6:30am Class, Starts 7/13

   Starting next week we will be adding a 6:30am Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to the schedule. Beat the heat without having to get up before the sun!

Limited Schedule July 4th

Limited schedule this Saturday July 4th. 8am Class and 9am FREE Class! #redwhiteblue #northstatecrossfit  

Memorial Day Schedule

  Monday May 25th: 10:00am and 12:00pm Classes ONLY for Memorial Day! HERO WOD! NO Supervised Kids Zone

Help NSCF get to the Cal Regional!!!

Northstate CrossFit is excited to announce the advancement of it

Congrats to Bri and Mike!

   Jacked and Taniel’s took 1st in scaled division of the Spring Fling 2015! Awesome Job you two!

NO CLASSES this Saturday

  If you are a member please park in the Church parking lot on Grandview Ave

Live It! Challenge #6

It’s the final week of the Wellness Challenge! It’s been amazing to hear the journey that many of you have had in this 40-day lifestyle change and I’ve been very excited to share in your pride at your hard work…well done! Which brings me to our final Live It! Challenge because we want to hear […]

Live It! Challenge #5

We’re up and over the hump…12 days left of the Wellness Challenge! I’ve been very encouraged to hear different people’s

Live It! Challenge #4

I hope you all enjoyed your “me-time” last week and had a chance to chill out and spend time for reflection. Apologies for the slightly late post this weekend, but here is this weeks’ Live It! Challenge…   This week, I encourage you to try and/or learn something

Live It! Challenge #3

Nice job last week, guys! Hearing your stories of your small acts of kindness and good deeds was heart warming and inspiring

Live It! Challenge #2

I hope you had a good nights rest last night, because today is the last day to have earned a


Great job to Victor, Stephanie, and Aaron for winning their weight class in the In-House Powerlifting Competition!

Live It! Challenge #1

Earn up to one point daily this week (Days 1-7) by sleeping at least 8 hours. This should be a consecutive nights rest and naps do not count towards this 8 hours. Keep in mind, in order to get a full 8 hours of actual sleep

Wellness WODs

Make sure to complete your WOD’s before the start of the Challenge this weekend. Here’s WOD #1 and #2. When they’re completed, make sure you enter your results to your file (we are keeping these on file, along with your measurements) and note any further modifications you made to complete the workout.   Benchmark WOD […]

The Wellness Challenge

What is the Wellness Challenge? Northstate Crossfit

NO Saturday Classes/PL Comp Schedule

NO Saturday Classes this weekend (Jan. 31st) for the In-House Powerlifting Competition. We will have OPEN GYM from 9:00am-12:00pm so you can still get a workout in and cheer on your fellow crossfitters! Below is the Powerlifting Schedule. Weigh-ins are from 8:30-9:00am. Women start at 9:00am! Make sure you have your opener weight at your […]

Happy MLK Day!

Good advice for life and WOD’s!