If you follow our social media, you probably saw a post we made a few weeks back detailing how Chris Koller lost a lot of weight by making some simple, yet profound changes in his life. I recently asked him to write a brief explanation of how he did it. His response below…


“It started as a one year commitment to go to the gym. For me, simplicity would help me stick to the plan. I’m not a calorie counter but I knew that I needed to change my diet if I wanted results. Cutting out the late-night snacks was the biggest hurdle, then implementing a healthier diet throughout the day. I didn’t go crazy over this because I wanted to make it simple to help me stick to it (rice and chicken, beef and quinoa, turkey and lentels). The meal stuff was easy. The next step was, I had to show up. The days I didn’t want to go, I went. The days the workout sucked (because it was a challenging exercise for me) I did it. I paid attention to the small achievements (i.e. adding 5lbs to the bar or going down a notch on the belt). Anything that would help me stick to the one year commitment. I am now in year two and feeling good both mentally and physically.”


Below are some observations to pull from his statement.

  • Commitment over motivation – The question of how to stay motivated has been brought to my attention so many times throughout the years. The truth is, I don’t rely on motivation. In fact, most of the time I’m not motivated to be honest. But that’s where commitment comes in. Bottom line, if you’re committed to accomplishing something, you’ll make the necessary sacrifices to make it happen as Chris has, even when it gets difficult. Big difference!
  • Nutrition need not be complicated, or expensive for that matter – Eating healthy doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. However, I hear this sentiment so often. I suppose if you’re eating grass-fed steak imported from New Zealand with kale salads every day, then of course it’ll be expensive. There are plenty of simple, affordable foods that are high in both micro and macronutrients. The foods Chris listed above are just that. Keep it simple, don’t overthink it. Meats, Carbs(rice and potatoes), and some fruit or vegetables. Make those your staples.
  • Search for progress – Progress is one the most important elements when trying to accomplish something long term. It’s human nature to want things quickly. But getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight, so take note and celebrate when things are moving in the right direction and keep going! Remember, you only fail if you quit!


Chris remarked to me that he’s only just begun and wants to continue making gains. Great work Chris!!!

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  • Selina Cichosz

    I support this message! Simple yet satisfying. Thanks Northstate!

  • Josh sparacio

    Awesome job chis. From a fellow weight loss person you hit the nail on the head with your comments on how to achieve your goals. Keep it up man.

    • Leon Edmonds

      excellent job keep up the good work

  • Marshall S.

    Great job Chris….you’re motivation to all of us. Keep up the hard work.