Renaissance Periodization was founded with the understanding that science is the surest path to the truth, and in this field, to results. Our approach is the rigorous application of scientific principles to nutrition and training. Everything we do is built on a foundation of peer-reviewed literature and experimentally confirmed theory.”

Northstate CrossFit proudly works alongside Renaissance Periodization(RP) to provide you with the possible program suited to your individual needs. The RP diet is science based to help you in a wide array of goals including the following: loose fat, physique change, gain muscle, sports performance, and overall health.

As partners with Renaissance Periodization, this program includes diet templates customized to your goals and three one-on-one sessions with one of our trained consultation staff. These sessions will be used to analyze body composition, assess goals, and maintain accountability along your path to success.

This overall cost of this program is $120. But if you sign up for this program in addition to your On-ramp, we offer a discount of $20. For more information call (530-605-4717) or contact us here.