Northstate CrossFit is home to the largest CrossFit gym in the greater Redding area. With over 6600 square feet of space, including a Kids Zone area (free of charge to members), there is always plenty of space for everyone, even those on the side performing their own workout.

Our equipment is top notch and includes the following:

  • Over 150’ of Pull-up Structure
  • Over 40 Barbells and Plenty Of Bumpers
  • 14 Row Machines
  • 10 Assault BIkes
  • 12 Sets of High Rings
  • 9 Climbing Ropes
  • 21 Plyo Boxes
  • A Mountain of Dumbbells,Medicine Balls, and Kettlebells
  • Atlas Stones, Axle and Log Bars, Farmer Carry Bars and other Strongman Equipment

With plenty of row machines, assault air bikes, and sleds you will always have what you need to get the best workout. It has been and always will be our goal to provide the best possible CrossFit experience to our members.