Written by Sarah Loogman

At the essence of CrossFit is to evolve our human race – to build increasingly more functional, adaptable mechanisms of the body for inclusive fitness that advances our abilities across a broad range of physical tests. By improving our physical being, we are able to improve cognitive function, elevate mood, and manage disease and dysfunction in a way that few fitness programs have accomplished on such a mass scale ever before. We are evolving ourselves with purpose and consciousness. 


Yet for all the effort we put towards improving our aesthetic or physically healthy selves, what are we putting into the other areas of our life? The concepts we commonly associate to the identity or definition of this modality itself have application far beyond the walls of a gym or the constraints of whatever fitness regimen we have decided to pursue. We are a multi-faceted beings of mind, body and soul and to achieve true wellness and peak human capability, we must be willing to extend our