3 Sets
2-4 Rope Climbs
(Base The Number of Climbs off Your Skill Level)
Headstand To Handstand Walk x 50′
1 Pegboard Ascent
30 Seconds L-Sit
This is not necessarily for time, just work through it focusing on good technique and solid positioning.

For Time
Row 1000 Meters
100 Double Unders
20 Back Squats 225/155#
Row 750 Meters
75 Double Unders
20 Front Squats 185/125#
Row 500 Meters
50 Double Unders
20 Overhead Squats 135/95#
Modify The load if Necessary with the
idea to finish either under 22 minutes or something close to it. 

Comments ( 6 )

  • Arielle Mabry

    A. 10 rope climbs
    HSW Prac.
    L sit
    B. 24:35 RX. That was hard, all the squats felt heavier than normal.

  • jjorgensen

    A. 2 Rounds, short on time today
    3, done, done, 30 seconds

    B. 17:40

  • Tay

    A. Done
    B. 21:48Rx
    – rowing went from 1:53-1:54 on the first round to about 1:58-2:01 on second round
    – wow that was tough, that was a fun workout to put posterior chain work capacity to the test.

  • Justin Ellingson

    A. Done, attempts at pegboard, attempts at headstand to handstand, done
    B. 22:00; each squat weight was 20 pounds lighter then what was prescribed

    • Jesse Holden

      A) Done

      B)19:45 Rx. No one to push me so I probably paced the row a little too much and broke the squats up more than I needed to. Still pretty difficult

  • Austin Salisbury

    A. 3 rope climbs per round, headstand to handstand walk done, 1 pegboard ascent(failed descent)
    B. 18:33