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  • Courtney Davis

    A. ????
    B. 53#
    C. ??
    D.19:12 with ring dips

  • jjorgensen

    A. Done
    B. 70#, these need work!
    C. Done
    D. 9:46

    PM Row
    4 Rounds
    2 Minutes Hard pulls, slow cadence
    2 minutes Easier Pulls, fast cadence
    2 minutes Hard
    2 Minutes Easy Recovery

  • Austin Salisbury

    C.Done to box then band
    D.12:08(overestimated my ring mup ability and started with 10 unbroken. Not sure how much of a time impact this had but I felt like I should’ve been about a minute faster because I wasted a lot of time staring at the rings. Good learning experience today)