Written by Sarah Loogman

        The Open is upon us!! In 28 days, the largest scale fitness event in the world will kick off for athletes all around the globe. For a very elite few, this is the start of the CrossFit Games season, but for the vast majority, the CrossFit Open is a way to measure improvements, set global markers and generally interact and connect with the worldwide CrossFit community.


        Misconceptions about this event sometimes obstruct daily gym-goers and everyday exercisers to make the commitment, but here

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  • Greg Kloeppel

    So what do I do when a workout has jump ropes and I am not able to string together 10 in a row and when I do, my ankles are trashed and I can’t do anymore anyway?

    Do I just stand there while the other competitors are knocking out DU’s?

    I get all of the encouragement and not making excuses and sure I am making one. But this is my reality. I’m barely hanging on to 3 workouts per week trying to get healthy. And even with the Master’s scaled workouts, there are movements/weights that I cannot perform at this time.

    I am a accomplished Ironman triathlete so I know what it means to suffer and to keep at it when things get tough but I’m having a hard time seeing that the open will be a positive experience for me like finishing IM was.

    Give me that push to see value for me in signing up.

    • Cheri Gaul

      Finishing IM-that accomplishment started with a first run and then setting bigger goals to get better. You constantly tweaked technique,gear,hydration,nutrition,sleep until you reached optimal levels to complete that larger goal.
      The Open is the same process and you will have everyone that is there encouraging you all the way. You are in the process of getting better at CrossFit and that sometimes involves making challenges bigger to have something to teach for.
      Sign up! If you keep your ego out of the way you’ll have fun!
      Before you think “easy for you to say” I’m an almost 55 yr.old grandma that competes Scaled and am thrilled when I’m in the 50% range.
      You’re welcome

    • Bryan

      One rep is better than none, and puts you on the leaderboard.

  • lu

    Greg, I did an RX workout last year and I couldn’t do one of the movements (bar muscle ups). I tried until time was up. ­čÖé It happens. If you are hurting, yeah, you stop and be proud of the reps that you did.
    && Go Masters!

  • Kari Ruth

    I didn’t sign up for the Open last year but was a member at an affiliate gym. I did all of the Open workouts (most twice). I didn’t know enough about it to even sign up last year. I have learned in this last year or so that some workouts I excel (more weightlifting) and others I struggle (more gymnastics). I didn’t sign up for the Open imagining I’ll place in the top 50%, I signed up so I can see where I’m at and next year I’ll be able to see and track my progress. I figure if my affiliate is doing them anyway I should jump in and throw my name in. Crossfit is competitive. Most days I’m competing against myself. It’s $20. Just try it.

  • Gege

    My excuse : I’m too shy and I’m not feeling confortable when People look at me

  • Jeff

    Why only 4 days for a workout? Why not provide a full week or at least 6 days? Announcements on Thursday night make it inconvenient. Announce it on Monday or Tuesday and then scores should be in by midnight Sunday. Also where does the $20 go to?

  • Charles

    The CrossFit Open is just an elaborate marketing scheme used to make millions of dollars off of us. They are using the typical marketing strategy of appealing to your emotions and pulling on your heartstrings. Not being the sucker that falls for that is my excuse!

    • Jim

      Let’s suppose you’re right, and it is just a marketing gimmick. That still won’t prevent you from enjoying the camaraderie, and possibly achieving something that you haven’t done yet. And, if you’re like most people, myself included, you probably waste $20 on a regular basis anyway. This is once a year, and there’s so many stories of people reaching goals that they never thought possible, just by trying harder than they would have, had it not been for The Open.