First off, congratulations for those of you that trained all year and now finished the open! I am very proud of you guys., many of you put in a ton of work. Secondly, if you want to take some time off go ahead for sure. But if you don’t, think about mixing it up with the classes for a little while and have some fun with it most importantly. As for this program, we will be following the Level 2 regular programming at NSCF for a couple weeks. The goal is to lessen intensity and volume a bit, let the body heal up, and have some fun!

Build To a Heavy Single
Snatch Balance

5 Tough Sets
Dip Snatch x 2

8 Minutes AMRAP
7 Muscle-Ups
14 DB Snatches 70/50#
Rest 4 Minutes
8 Minutes AMRAP
Run 200 Meters
15 Pushups