What I Eat and Why.

I like to keep things simple. I don’t worry about my weight primarily in regards to nutrition. In my opinion that’s where most people go wrong! Rather, I want to know that what I’m eating is going to help me achieve my main goal of maintaining my fitness while also keeping my body healthy long term. So because I get asked this question quite regularly, and because I also think people VASTLY UNDERESTIMATE how good they’d look and feel with an improved diet, here are the foods that constitute 95% of my daily intake. The other 5%…well I do really enjoy pizza and burgers sometimes!

Meat – Shocker…I know. I typically stick with ground beef or steak, 2-3x per day. The protein, micronutrients, and saturated fats is simply the best. If there is a superfood, this is it(along with beef liver). I eat poultry only sometimes, mainly because I don’t enjoy it as much. I also enjoy fish and game meats from time to time although those are harder to come by. I aim for about 1.25-1.5lbs per day.


White Rice, Potatoes, Oatmeal – In order to recover and perform well day in day out, these three types of carbohydrates help the most while giving my stomach the least amount of distress. I don’t typically enjoy white rice and plain oatmeal quite as much, so I usually add honey to them. The sweet taste of honey sure helps me eat enough. Hard workouts necessitate the right recovery nutrients, in this case…carbs. I vary the amount of carbs I eat in direct proportion to how hard I’m training. More training = more carbs and vice versa.

Eggs – I eat eggs every single morning. Again, the protein, vitamins and minerals, and saturated fats from eggs is very high quality. No, I do not worry about the cholesterol or saturated fat found in eggs. In my opinion, the “science’’ around limiting those two is not settled even in the slightest.

Cooking Oils – I typically cook fattier ground beef so I can save the fat, to be used later when I want to fry up eggs or potatoes. I also use butter every now and then. I avoid cooking in seed oils entirely…’if man made it, don’t eat it’ applies here. People sometimes look at me weird for using butter or beef tallow while simultaneously using some oil made in a factory that isn’t natural at all. It bewilders me.

Whole Milk – This is a cheap source of high quality protein, saturated fat, vitamins, minerals, and much needed calories. I know some people don’t tolerate dairy well but for me, I love it! And no, I do not consume 1-2%, why ruin a perfectly good food! I typically have milk with oatmeal and sometimes a glass throughout the day.

Fruit – I typically eat at least a piece of fruit per day. Grapes, strawberries, apples, and bananas are the common ones. I find nothing wrong with fruit, I just don’t consume a ton of it to make room for the other things higher up on this list.


That’s it. I know, simple right?! But I enjoy almost every meal I eat and I typically eat until I’m full most of the time. Remember, if you eat the right foods, consuming the right amount becomes a lot simpler.

Should everyone eat this way? Perhaps not, we don’t all respond the same way to foods. However, almost everyone of us would live a much higher quality of life if we just ate more protein and cut out the fake stuff.

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  • Rachael Mojarro

    This is so good, and so helpful. What are your thoughts on eating more chicken rather than the beef? You said for yourself you like beef rather than chicken, for me I like chicken more than beef, also chicken is less expensive than beef. I really like the part about oils. Game meat is amazing, my husbands a hunter and we eat a ton of game when it’s hunting season.

    • jjorgensen

      Store-bought chicken is not quite as nutrient dense overall but will still provide plenty of what you need for protein and B vitamins.

  • Mellen

    Thanks for sharing. This helps me out greatly.

    • Serena

      Jorgenson, ‘where are your veggies?’ 🙂

      Looks like increasing protein for our boys would be ideal. Does Krista also eat 1.25# protein daily?

      Thank you for sharing this information with us!!

      • jjorgensen

        I do eat veggies, just not as often because I don’t enjoy them as much. I also don’t see them as the panacea of health they are toted to be. When it comes to bioavailable nutrients, beef liver far outweighs any vegetable. But if you like veggies, enjoy them!

        Crista eats less than me, in proportion with her bodyweight. Guessing probably .75 to 1lb/day.

  • Justin Robinson

    A note on chicken vs beef/wild game— Chickens are mono-gastric (one stomach) animals compared to cows and other grazers that are ruminants (multiple chambered stomach).

    Mono-gastric animals — especially conventionally raised chickens that are fed glyphosate laden, GMO feed like corn, wheat, soybean, processed oils, etc — do not metabolize out the toxics that come along with these foods like ruminate animals can. Mono gastric animals also, don’t have the same digestive capacity as ruminants to extract all the nutrients out of the food they eat. This makes poultry 1) not as nutritiously dense as beef and 2) containing a higher toxic load.

    Long story short, cows and wild game filter out the BS and hold on to the good stuff better than their fellow farm mates (: