By Sarah Loogman

We live in a culture perpetuated by fear – fear of the future, insecurity of self, a lack of passion for the pursuit we are living. We cover it with hard work, business and an heir of confidence we ride the edge to maintain. We find pride and confidence in our ability to carry more and we admire those who juggle the world like a circus clown. We fervently seek after something we don

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  • Ryan leash

    Great article, you’re my hero!

  • Abby

    Very true, thanks for sharing this.

  • JP

    We need this mentality so much in our lives. Thanks Sarah, it’s surprising to come from someone so accomplished as yourself, yet it also makes a magnitude of sense.

  • Anna Ahlberg

    Such a nice article. I like it! Great way at looking at life in general

  • Olivia

    Love this!